still reeling from the Los Angeles show


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May 30, 2001
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Man that show was killer. I was impressed with the brief opening by Angel Dust, though I'm not the biggest power metal fan. Anyways, I got to the show (may 18th) at 2;30 in the afternoon, and heard the band playing songs for their sound check. They played Harvest and Leper Affinity, as well as some of Serenity Painted Death, which was cool to hear, as they didn't play those during the set. Best part of the night was when they played Demon of the Fall, and everyone (at least those who know Opeth's music) were chanting alng. Quite solid and satisfying show, and refreshing given the new metal crap that LA area residents are exposed to day in and day out. Anyone else at that particular show?
Let's hope that Century will put them on a headlining tour in the States, which should be an inevitability, so we can hear a longe set...I would have given my blood to hear just about any of Still Life's tracks live, not that Whiet Cluster doesn't kick ass...Opeth relieved doubts I had over how well that song would translate live.
I was there as well!!:D It was amazing, I wanted them to play all night!:heh: The only thing that sucked was that they went on later than the club said. So, although I got to see the whole show, my friend that got off work a little late, (whom I just turned on to Opeth) only got to see thier last song! :( I overheard a lot of late-comers saying the same thing. Can you imagine Opeth coming to town & just missing them by minutes?
Acually they were on earlier
- yarbo
Sorry, that's what I meant.