Opeth in Los Angeles

Last night was my first Opeth gig. Amazing! Wish they could have played Funeral Portrait.
I missed most of Moonspell's set. I wanted to hear the Antidote stuff live. I bet it rocked.
ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!! (>____< ) OPETH WAS FUCKING AWESOME TONIIIIGHT!!!!!! tonight's show was waaaayy fucking better than the hollywood show!!! they played every fucking song on the set and a few of us started shouting "PLAY SOME FUCKING SKYNYRD!!!!!!" AND THEY PLAYED A LITTLE OF SWEET HOME ALABAMA!! FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!! and those fuckers wanted to leave early so every started shouting "OPETH OPETH OPETH OPETH!!!!!!" till they FINALLY came out and played DEMON OF THE FALL......... FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
:) great show, moonspell was fucking great. by the way HI SQUEAK IT WAS NICE MEETING U IN PERSON! talk to you more on msn or aim next time ^__^ i'm all tired from the concert blah~~~
Yeah, the Anaheim show was sweet. My girlfriend and I were standing by the window on the second floor through everybody but Opeth. It was kind of funny to watch the bands back stage, and all the roadies fucking around.

Squeek, I saw you, for like, the third time in the past year :) I was the guy who asked you if the band was gonna come out afterwards.

It was fucked up that Opeth played in Disneyland though...All those hardcore metal heads walking around while little kids are walking around...
lol, i was by alll the way to the right by the bar in the front right next to the photo pit with an amon amarth hoodie. talked to squeak for the first time in real life. She's awesome!
It looks pretty unanimous that most of us really liked Moonspell. Was it just me, or was their sound mix a little better than Opeth's? I could barely hear Pers Wilberg's keyboards and vocals, and Mikael's solos at times were difficult to pick up (unlike Moonspell's which sounded upfront and clear). Peter, and the Martins came through fine though.
risquit: i thought it was the other way around... i heard per wilbergs keyboards, and i definately noticed that he played "the third guitar" on his keyboard for the moor and april etheral. i could also clearly hear his backup singing. fantastic show, sound was 10 times better than when i saw them last time at that piece of shit hollywood HOB.
I was the one that started the whole Skynrd thing which lead to Mikael playing the opening riff to Sweet Home Alabama in Anaheim. :D (Yeah, it was a Beavis and Butt-head-inspired moment that simply had to be done during the long periods of guitar tuning. Gentlemen, may I request that you get some more guitars pre-tuned to the tunings that you need or have someone stretch the strings out before hand?)

Squeak, I saw you in the pit. I was the bald guy that was standing with Carol (MetalMaiden) to the right side of the stage wearing the Opeth polo shirt. She can confirm that it was me that started the whole Skynrd mess. (And, was I the only one that bought one of the polo shirts? I swear, nobody has a sense of style anymore. Dickies...blah!)
anaheim's show killed hollywoods \m/ Best fucking show ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still high on life from it! And its been 2 days since! Thanks fucking Opeth! Moonspell was great! I was right up front about 3 standing rows back from stage. I heard the lynard skynnard chants! Someone yelled Scorpions and then I yelled play a Scorpions song. Mikael responded...We dont know any. Opeth are the fucking shit! I feel like such a fanboy today ahahahha! Mikael threw a pick out during blackwater park and it hit me right in the face. I had to dig on the floor to find it. Thank God it was during the softpart of bwp or id prob be crushed. Best song of the night had to be The Moor, followed closely be Deliverance. Ahhh they all ruled!!!! They came back on after bwp to play Demon of the fall. 5 people in front of me all left thinking the show was over so I moved up some more. All out chaos ensued during demon!!!!! In summary the show was Headbang Heaven. Enough said! :)
It was a great show! Anyone see me? I was the younger dude with curly ass hair and a For Absent Friends tour shirt on. My girl was with me, too. Great show and all... but she ended up getting a concussion during Blackwater Park! Kind of funny in retrospect, but not so nice at the time =p
hmmm there was a couple to my right. The chick got like kicked in the face during masters apprentice by some dude cowd surfing. There was a fair amount of crowd surfing at the gig. Kinda sucks. How did your chick get a concussion?
:wave: hi to shard, lucifer and smylex and thanks for the compliments. :D It was great to meet a lot of people at that gig and the hollywood gig. Met a lot of people that I never got the screen names of, so all you people come in here and tell me which ones you were!!! lol I remember everyone, just don't know which names go with who. hehe Hollywood show was a pain in the ass and Anaheim was just crazy. I hope I got enough water to everyone in the front, I know it was hot as hell up there! At first the bartender lady thought I was actually drinking all that water. HAHAHA Then I told her what I was doing, so she made sure to keep the water ice cold for you guys. ;)
AllWithinMyMonster said:
How did your chick get a concussion?
She hit her head on someone else's head. The cops afterwards thought she had a bad trip on something, I was getting so pissed off at them...