String Tribute to Opeth Tracklisting/Info?


Towards the Great Sky
Jan 28, 2006
so "a string tribute to opeth" comes out this tuesday and it seems like nobody on here is interested in this. i for one am excited to hear this, and wondered if anyone has any info on this release, since i cant seem to find anything besides the release date.
Ah, hadn't seen this before. If done correctly it could be quite good, though these are normally hit and miss.

Ok, listened to the samples.. Wow, thats not even real strings lol, sounds like some old Yamaha keyboard, and why is Soldier of Fortune on there? Do they think Opeth wrote it?

I think their business model is something like..

Download midi file X, play using soundfont Y, release album Z, get money.
hmmm, im kinda diggin those samples. but honestly, soldier of fortune???
Wow... that shit sounds awful...

I really hope Opeth isn't backing this or anything...
I was hoping for more along the lines of Apocalyptica's Metallica covers. Not too interested after hearing previews. And they should have done The Moor.
Err, the samples on Amazon sound horrid. As a string (cello) player, I can tell you that they definately aren't anything like what real string instruments should sound like. To me, this sounds like glorified midi...

It's pretty abismal that something as bad as this has anything to do with Opeth :(
Cyrosis: Yours sounds far far far better than the other samples, but still a way to go in terms of some of the tone qualities! Nice work though!
Ummmmmmm OK. I listened to the samples for porcelain heart, in my time of need, and bleak. I'm still not sure these are Opeth covers or not, because not a single note in those samples reminded me of Opeth.

Plus, it sounds awful!
OMG, there's one CD with the word Opeth on it that im NOT buying!
Sounds like crap! Some guy with a 20 years old keboard must have done this locked up in his basement. At least that's what it sounds like...
Terrible. And, did you see the song lengths? They've cut nearly 6 minutes from the Funeral Portrait, for example...