String Tribute to Opeth Tracklisting/Info?

Sounds like trash. I can't even make out Death Whispered a Lullaby or Windowpane as actually being Opeth songs.
I haven't listened to anymore, but wow. They could've done a much better job.
If porcelain heart is on the songlist, there's a lof of chance that the one who did it, used the leaked version.
It's a weird songlist.
It's like a copy of the piano damnation, but this one is cool (but it could have done better).
I was going to ask if anyone had heard more about this a last week actually.

Even the front cover is a cheap piece of shit. But it doesn't take a musician to tell that the music is cheap-as-shit midi bollocks. It's insulting. I hope it sells zero copies. What is especially bad is that even using something like Logic with the samples that comes with it would have sounded better. Still might not have sounded real but wouldn't have sounded like General Midi sounds from an entry-level SoundBlaster card, which seems to be what that is. Maybe if they'd put some more money into it they might have made it back by putting out something worth buying. Also the choice of tracks seems virtually random.

Really annoying as there was such potential, and I was looking forward to this after hearing the Mastodon one which was actually very good. Maybe someone will do it right one day.
I'd probably buy the string tribute if the track listing wasn't horrible. Four tracks were taken up by BWP songs and another for a cover version? ...and they missed songs from my four favorite Opeth albums. I agree with Lightbulb Sun, "had potential, but sucked."