String Tribute To Opeth

If this is anything like the Iron Maiden, Mastodon string tribute stuff, this should be seriously fucking cool. Anyone have any idea what tracks their doing?

I've seen the disc listed at several different places, but am yet to find a tracklisting. Yeah, sometimes the string tributes can be super cool... other times they can be pretty :erk:
It kind of depends on the arranger, if you get some retard that just attempts to transpose the guitar riffs directly to strings it sounds like crap. Most of them are like that. Out of all the ones I've heard, some for bands you'd think would work very well like Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead, some for bands that were obviously a horrible idea from the getgo like Blink 182, the only two I've ever heard that were actually seriously well arranged and recorded and worth listening to were the Tori Amos and Mudvayne (!!!) ones. Hopefully they managed to get the guy who did the Mudvayne one, there was a lot of really creative reinterpreting of heavy riffs going on, it was like the apocalypta album that didn't suck.
I was thinking how it might be interesting to hear one of these for Opeth... I liked the Mastodon one. Some of the Tool ones were alright but not that great, and the Mars Volta one was a bit hit-and-miss.

If I could pick songs (and this is based on which ones I think would sound best on strings, not necessarily my favourites), I would go for... Godhead's Lament, The Drapery Falls, A Fair Judgement, The Baying of the Hounds, and maybe one or two off Damnation. Might be interesting to hear Master's Apprentice's on strings too, or Bleak.