Summing up all criticism about every country

Mikael is God

Master of Bating
Jul 7, 2001
Ok... i have to just sum up all this criticism about the US and other countries..... there's a very easy solution to all these questions, and all these arguments and insults.

No matter what you have to say, you DO NOT know what you are talking about, if you are talking about controversy, or things that were supposedly supposed to be "kept secret"

Nobody has the correct info to prove ANYTHING about ANY country. Things go on behind the scenes, they go on for a reason....... people shouldn't go around accusing this country of this, and that country of that, without solid proof. Whatever the governments in every country do is for a reason......

im just going to repeat it again because i know someone wiill read this wrong and try telling me i dont know what im talking about, but here i am repeating myself ---- Nobody knows whats going on behind the scenes anywhere, no matter what you were told, or what you read, or any of that......

(also.... i think everyone should stop being so fucking bombastic)
I hear what you are saying, but here's the but......

Yes, we formulate our opinions based on what the media feeds us, since we have no other way of receiving the information. But, I think we know some of the basic beliefs of different countries. I will argue face-to-face with anybody who tells me that what the U.S. stands for is basely wrong. Again - we may screw up the execution of these beliefs, but we stand for democracy and freedom.

I think we do know quite a bit about the world - we know about the horrors in these third world countries. No matter how bad we think the US is, with its poor, its starving, its greed, etc etc, we have choices, and chances, unlike others.

Yes, things go on behind the scenes, and we don't know the half of what really goes on. But we do know enough to pass some judgement.

In closing, keep on bombing!!