Talking tunes... Sherriff of H, Mission from 'Arry


Apr 15, 2001
Hey :)

Does anyone know of other *talking tunes* by Maiden ? I recently came across Bayswater aint a bad place, which I quite like.

Crossy - are there any others ?
Vic Vella and 'Arry have a bit of a chat in the middle of "Roll Over Vic Vella".

Theres also the talkie bits in "Black Bart Blues".

W..W...What did you do that for?
I'm sorry, I guess I just...just.
Just shut up and get on with it will you. Now.

If anyone hasn't heard Bayswater aint a bad place go get it (I've got the MP3 - happy to email), it's pretty funny and probably pretty close to reality (well in some way.. Mr Tightwallet.. the thanksgiving turkey for example).