Tech death metal mix feedback


New Metal Member
Feb 27, 2020
Hey all, new here and super new to mixing and recording. Something I’ve always wanted to do and finally have the time and money to do it. Anyway, was hoping to get some good feedback on this mix. It is for my new band and It is my first real attempt at all of this stuff. So, please point out anything that might be super obvious I might not be catching. Thank you.
Your synths are way too loud, I recommend you move them down in the mix. Also it feels really impenetrable as a mix because a lot of instruments are occupying a similar space in the high mids, I would recommend you add some low mids to your bass, drop the ride and overheads in the mix/cut the mids on them, reduce the high boost you have on the kick so the click isn't quite so overpowering. also the master is really pushed a bit too hard so it's quite tough on the ears. just try those things first and then see what you get and you can decide what to do next