the 1st cd


ghost gone mad
Mar 27, 2006
This cd has become pretty much a classic in my book. I was just wondering how many people have thiers. mine got ripped off by an old roommate but at least i got someone into the band:kickass: I have one show recorded from that era...don't rmeember the date, but it was at the Mason Jar.
Could be when we opened for Agalloch. I believe that was the only time we played the Jar. A whole two songs ...

As far as the first CD, not that many people could have it. We only printed 250 copies, I believe, and I think maybe between all of us in the band we have like 6 copies floating around. The rest are all out in the ether ...

I really enjoy it when people love our first demo so much, even though I can't really understand why, since I pretty much loathe it, except "This Sanguine Farewell."
If agalloch was playing then i should shoot myself, hehehe i'm pretty sure they werent playing that ws some shitty bands though...i think it must have been a battle of the bands type thing.
If it was a Battle of the Bands type deal, it was at Boston's, back when it was called Boston's.

The Agalloch one is the only Jar show we've played, but we've played Metal Devastation like four times, and then we've played Modified Arts a couple of times. I'm probably forgetting something ...
nope nope nope...i'm gonna have to send you the video...i know it was at the jar because i saw crowbar play there either right before that show or right after. this is killing me, i'm gonna have to bust out the hi-8 player, hahahahaha