The Flood


I miss Japan
Sep 20, 2002
hey, I have not been here in awhile:err:
so here is a little message from tracy that I got from

Regarding that fun and exciting ebay sale...

Ummm... We can call that one off, at least for a little while.

Remember that basement I mentioned earlier? HDR headquarters? Well our water main located in the stocked full storage space broke tonight and our newly renovated HDR headquarters is under two feet of water. I am very sorry to say that the majority of the cool stuff I had for you has been destroyed - along with a hell of a lot of uninsured HDR inventory.

Anyone want some slightly soggy compact discs? How about really sopping wet ones? Souvenirs of the great HDR flood?

So, we are forced to close down again to assess damage and re-build the whole darn thing over. Those who have ordered already, please be patient. Your order will come but my shipping area is currently a swimming pool.

There were a small amount of posters stored in another location (about 200 posters in different sizes and pics were destroyed) but most shirts were above the water line. This is a big blow to us here that we really didn't need but hardship makes better metal, right?

We would like to also thank Shaun Thingvold and MISERY SIGNALS for taking the time out of their recording to come out here and haul heavy wet objects out of freezing cold water. They rule.

Tracy :yell:

hmmm.. that is not good:ill: