The new Emperor album is amazing.

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Jul 17, 2001
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I managed to find all the tracks for Prometheus on the internet and I have to say it's phenominal! It's like mizing the best aspects of all their albums and adding a very progressive new feel to it. Anyone else heard some of the tracks yet? I am surely gonna buy it when it is formally released so I am trying not to spoil it by listening to the MP#s too mch. It's hard though, it's a masterpiece!
I've only heard the sample of "Thorns on my Grave" and "Depraved," which I was lucky enough to find on WinMX. I've never been into Emperor that much before hearing these songs, but I'll definitely be getting Prometheus... if only for "Thorns on my Grave" alone! The sample is awesome!

Are the rest of the songs as good as the aforementioned songs?
"Thorns on my Grave: is just the tip of the iceberg on this album. Too bad though that this has to be their last one because they certainly wont be pulling any of these songs off live...that for sure. They would need atleast 2 or 3 extra tour musicians just for all the guitar parts and NOONE is singing AND playing the parts at the same time.
There are actually 2 members in your Zyklon pic, Samoth & Trym

ok lets not be clever now, its just you can only see one clearly in that pic thats all :p , but notice how in the advert in ''Terrorizer'' both members have the same pose as the Zyklon cd cover. almost like they've been cut out and stuck on:p
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have you tried
You have to download their software, but it's a good file-sharing site. The whole of the new Emperor album is on there.
Lee B

Yeah, I use it and its good. Faster downloads than Napster had which I like :) And you can continue downloads etc. :) The only thing is its ot user friendly, which annoys me at time
Dammit, you gave me the final push to download the album, DAMN YOU ALL!!!! Actually.... Thank you!!!!!!! I just downloaded it tonight, and am just kind of confused about this masterpiece. Yes it's a masterpiece, but I am not into it yet (of course, I have only heard it once). It's like all other Emperor albums, and Opeth albums: VERY HARD TO GET INTO! But I can tell that this WILL change black metal forever, and I am just pissed that people are going to call this a piece of crap because it isn't raw and shitty like Darkthrone. This is true artwork, and I wish more people could appreciate that. This album is just too strange, I don't want to spoil it for you guys!

This is the end of Emperor, probably the most important band in black metal guys! This is horrible!!! :( :cry: :mad: :( :cry:
I've not heard the new (and apparently last) album yet, but after reading that Ihsahn warms up to a John Petrucci video (me too!) I DEFINITELY have to hear it! It is a shame that it is the end though...I know at least that Anthems was a tremendous album :cry:
I know Tyrant I was just pointing out how good they are with things like that being said about them, and not having that many releases. It is pretty amazing.
Yes the new emperor is simply an amazing album, ive had a promo copy for over a month now, certainly is my number 1 album of this year! Everyone should purchase it when it finally gets released, ive also heard that they filmed a video clip for the track empty, though this is unconfirmed.
OpethInfinity: Ah, I know there was a reason a couple of the tracks sounded more like Dream Theater than classic Emperor :) I even thought John himself was playing guitar on track 5.
Demonspell: I dont think it will change ur view on Emperor, since it sounds a bit like IX Equilibrium.

So i just heard the album. Only once though, but i can say for sure that it will grow on me as time goes by just like IX Equilibrium did.

But godamn, i was listening to the songs and i often was telling myself: damn ive heard this riff before... etc.
The intro is kinda like the new Mayhem, there are even parts which sounds like Opeth at times, Morbid Angel , Deicide (song: Empty), Marduk (song: The Prophet) etc etc...

Still it sounds very weird at times, still very good and the structure kind of reminds me of a certain album called Nemesis Divina by a certain band called Satyricon. :devil:
I've had it for a few weeks now and have had time to absorb, at least, the first couple of layers of the album,(there's alot going on in the depths of the music here. I could probably listen to it a thousand times and hear something new each time). It's got some really great stuff and the usual incredible musicianship one would expect from Emperor.

BUT,(tell me you didn't see the "but" coming from a mile away) I'm finding that I have to adjust my general approach to Emperor's music in order to get into this disc. Try as hard as I may, I really can't call this a Black Metal record. There are certainly some Black elements in there but the dominant musical theme here seems to play between Death Metal and Traditional Heavy Metal. This is deffinately more of a Issahn record than a complete band effort. The emphasis on lead guitar and the King Diamond-esque leanings in some songs make it very apparent who was pulling the strings,(no pun intended... guitar - strings - get it? anyway...) both in the writing sessions and at the mixing board. Quite frankly, there is little difference in Samoth and Trym's playing approach and style here than from the Zyklon release, which adds to the Death Metal feel that I mentioned before.

None of this is to say that this is not a great release nor a benchmark for both the band and the genre. I feel that bands like ...And Oceans, Enochian Cresent, and Dodheimsgard are doing far more to actually progress Black Metal in the present and I would have liked to have seen Emperor show some initiative in the directions these bands are taking, but this is still a fine album to end the days of Emperor with. "Thorns On My Grave", "The Eruption", and "The Tounge Of Fire" are my picks for stand-out tracks.

If you're looking for sheer brutality, well, you won't find too much of that on Prometheus. But if you want to hear Death, Black, and Traditional Metal styles fused with Baroque, Classical, and Jazz as well as a Progressive thread wrought throughout then this will certainly provide you with months of aural enjoyment.
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Yeah, I was searching for songs from Prometheus earlier today and I couldn't find any except Thorns On My Grave which I've already heard...some help requested.

Try searching for the songs under their individuial names, that might work rather than looking on the Emperor page.

What I've heard of the album so far is very impressive, I'm quite sure that this is going to be the release of the year for me without a doubt... and just a month to go now.