Emperor-information and suggestions please


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Aug 21, 2001
Elmhurst, Ill. USA
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I know, what kind of metalhead am I if i don't have ANY Emperor cds!?:err: I need some guideance please. From what I've read, the new cd by Emperor (Prometheus?) sounds very interesting. Should I buy this cd first, or should I buy some of the older stuff first to appreciate the maturing process? Please give me an idea of what the older stuff is like. I am not into the kind of death/black metal that is raw and basic (three chord progressions and inane lyrics), I am more into great musicians playing great music. I like music that takes intelligence, innovation, heart, and skill to create (which is why I love Opeth). Should I give Emperor a try?

PS-I do like a lot of black/death bands-Dissection, Vader, At the Gates, EOS, and Oceans, summoning, and all the Gothenberg stuff, but I'm a HUGE progressive metal fan.
I love Emperor, and it is a suprise you do not have an album, but thats ok! According to your description of what you are looking for, I would go first for "IX Equilibrium"! Most black metal fans do not like it because it is their biggest progression and the most "non-black metal album of theirs" but it is my favorite. I don't know about Prometheus I didn't even know it was out yet. :confused: :err: But in my opinion I would go for "IX Equilibrium"! It even has some prog metal elements in it!!!! :D
Prometheus isnt out yet.
Like Morningrise said, id recommend you IX Equilibrium, even its not really black metal, its still an excellent 'progressive extreme metal' album.

Anthems to the welkin at Dusk is one of the finest bm record i have ever heard in my entire life. It is very technical and sophisticated black metal art, like they say themselves, thrown with some jazz and blues or whatever influence you might hear.
It is kind of a raw album, better produced then In The Nightside Eclipse.

Speaking of ITNE, it is their 1st album, a classic in every way and an essential album for all extreme metalheads.
The keyboards are more present in that album, so you might wanna call it 'gothic norsecore' music like some people here in my region call it. I still think its black metal though.

I dont suggest you to buy the album with the demos on it, called Wrath of The Tyrant, its not a wise choice for your first experience wish such an awesome band.
Well, I think the album "In the Nightside Eclipse" is their best,... and the best album ever made in the black metal genre (together with "Frost" from Enslaved).
I suggest this masterpiece!

Just picked up Equilibrium IX today because of the recomendations here.:OMG: It is amazing! I can't begin to describe how blown away I am! Anyways, thanks again for the recomendations, I've got to get Anthems and the new one soon.
Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk is, in my opinion, probably the best Black Metal CD there is. In The Nightside Eclipse is (although often considered the watermark for which Black Metal albums should strive) a little raw for my liking, IX Equilibrium is good but just doesn't quite have the same degree of layered epic coolness of Anthems.
Anthems........ is bloody brilliant. I just love that there is full orchestral backing buried in the songs (I'd recommend using headphones!!). I've had that CD since it first came out, and I still hear something new each time I listen to it (to the vets: try listening to it with one of the channels turned off, so that you, for eg, only hear the left speaker through both. The riffs are way more technical than you may realise (well, for me anyway). I knew they were very technical, not just this much.......).