The New England Metal and Hardcore Festival

The NE MaH Fest is May 16th and 17th, and guess what? Opeth and Lacuna Coil are playing! Meshuggah too but they're on Saturday.

Anyways, since I work for Tartarean Desire (check it out, AWESOME webzine,, there's a good chance i'll be interviewing Opeth there. :eek:

Yup, it should be awesome.

ANyways, 30 bucks for the Friday show, in Worcester Mass. COME AND SEE OPETH KICK ASS!!!

Lol I sound like an endorser.
Yeah that was me. I also wrote the Emperor review that should be up next update.

Currently I'm working on Human by Death (because it's a classic, every webzine needs it heh), and I'm hoping to get Damnation up there soon, but I need a few more listens first.

Ooh and Imaginary Sonicscape should be there soon. Ahh, to review only good albums. How wonderful. :D
If you like the webzine, please tell your friends about it. :) We hope to get it up on its own domain soon, and you can expect it to have a wider range of reviews, because I have connections with a certain *someone* who hands me many good promo and demo CDs, and my own metal collections is home to mainly those amazing albums that rocked the metal world, so the site will be complete. *I hope* Lol

The only two things it's missing are reviews for albums like Prometheus, Human, Call of the Beast, Beneath the Remains, and many more, and it needs more underground metal! Everyone needs more undergroudn metal. :D

So yeah, please tell people about it, Vince and I know it could be very big with some publicity.