The Official Glenn Harveston Appreciation Thread!


UM's Resident Asshole
Apr 22, 2003
Maplewood, Minnesota
Post your thanks to the man, the mystery, the PROMOTER! I got him to sign my forehead, pics soon...

All i can say is thank you Glenn. I have 2 revelations though. Progpower gets Better every year. Progpower gets Heavier every year.

Glenn, Glenn Glenn Glenn, Glenn Glenn Glenn, Glenn Glenn Glenn. Glenn's the man, running the show... ok, i'll stop with the Survivor song, but it was nice when we all got to do it last night.

Really, really, really, really amazing show! Thank you so much for putting this on for all of us. :worship:

Next year you have to get Persuader to play :cool:
Thanks, Glenn, for yet another year of simply awesome music, and a great time. This was my third year in attendance, and that won't be stopping any time soon. I hope you're able to appreciate the magic that you create for not only the fans, but the bands too. It's great that they can see this kind of reaction, and really serves to help re-establish Metal as a viable entity in the US.

Enjoy your time off, I look forward to next year!

Ion Vein for PPUSA VI ;)

While not better than PP3 IMO, I believe it was better than IV and really close to 3!

Savatage ruled my world.

Brainstorm destroyed!

Edguy - you must get them to headline again for PP7! Incredible!

Just a great show. I like the fact that you had the PA music turned down too between sets, allowed me to take out my ear plugs and rest them. Before, had to leave them in because it was so loud inbetween sets.

Rock on Glenn!

*Now we can look forward to the PPVI wanted bands threads :)*
I wish I had gotten a chance to thank Glen personally but I hope he reads these bulletins. I LOVE PROGPOWER!!! It was awesome... the bands were GREAT! Long live Progpower!!!

Thank you Glen for all your hard work and dedication :)

Greenville, SC :worship:
Thank you for a wonderful weekend of heavy metal music! Edguy is the best live band you could possibly have gotten!!!!! Brainstorm and Tad Morose rocked hard as well. GREAT SHOW!!!! Let's have some Freedom Call and Dream Evil for PPVI.
I'd like to know if I could still submit anecdotes and stories from PPUSA history for that book that Glenn has talked about..well..because I've been to 3 1/2 out of 5 (PP 2.0 I only went Day 2) and probably have some stories that would be worthy..esp from the 1st one meeting Ray Alder..hehe.

Great Festival again this year, PoS brought me to tears for some unforeseen and unexpected reason being this the 3rd time seeing them thanx to you in large part.

Weathering a hurricanes effects and 1 bands pre-show cancelling and another key member of a headliner having an unfrtunate accident less than a week before the event, really says something. The Show Must Go On! as they say..

thanx again Glenn, Look fwd to next year!

Glenn the fest was a HUGE success! THank you for bringing a festival of this magnitude to my corner of the world. All the bands were good to great, My only complaint would be the lack of Progpower t-shirts to buy
I give PPUSAV two resounding thumbs up! :headbang:

My highlights in no particular order:

seeing Jon Oliva's project and the WoMD blow the roof off the place!

Tad Morose - just as wonderful 'live' as on cd, if not better!

Brainstorm - so appreciative of the crowd... very touching.

Edguy - great show and they had a point - more festivals in the U.S!!!

Wuthering Heights - some new members with limited rehearsals, and they still blew me away!

overall, great show with a great crowd of like-minded fans. I wouldn't trade the PPUSA peeps for anyone in the world. You folks are the greatest!!!

Thanks for a great, memorable weekend!

Thank You to Glenn for the best concert I have been to. THis was my first time at ProgPower and it was amazing, I especially loved getting to see Edguy Live.

So, Thanks!!!!!
Big props to Glenn and all involved, it was a great time. JOP/Savathing, Kamelot, Adagio & PoS were the highlights for me. Big thanks Glenn on a great job. :worship:
I can't add too much more to this, except to say that Glenn is Da Man. Had a great time at PP5 (and PP5.1) and I'm counting the days until PP6.

Never let it be said that individuals don't matter. Glenn is living proof that one person CAN make a difference, and touch our lives in countless ways.
PP V was the best PP yet! I've been a BIG fan of Tad Morose, Kamelot, and Dreamscape for years, and to see them play back-to-back-to-back for the very first time in one evening (before Glenn came into the biz, that is) was what made PP V so special for me. Top those three bands off with Jon Oliva's projects and you have a prog/power metalhead's dream come true. Thrown in Adagio, a guranteed good "fuck"-ing time with Edguy and a suprise in Brainstorm and Glenn suddenly has raised the bar. Mercenary for PP VI would be a good start on trying to top PP V!

More Kudos for arranging for the pre-party to be in the Earthlink Live! complex (The Vinyl) and for arranging to have the vendors set up within The Vinyl as well so that the hallways can be kept open. Having food available in the same buidling was also killer. Glad all those kinks were worked-out for PP V and hope the same setup can be arranged for PP VI.

Now if there were just some way to troubleshoot hurricanes...

Thanks Glenn!
Glenn! Awesome show once again!! Do you get killer bands? Hell ya, but the coolest thing is that when you go to this show, its like you are hanging out with a bunch of your friends. I mean, the interaction with the bands at the pre-party/hotels/even on stage is soo cool. Getting Tobias to crack up and forget his lyrics, Daniel trying to tune the guitar and being encouraged by the crowd, how does it get any better than that? I dont think any of us can thank you enough for allowing us to not only see, but meet and hang out with our favorite bands, as well as meet some of the nicest, coolest people around. Thanks alot!