The Official Glenn Harveston Thank You Thread!

The legend continues.

Thanks to Glenn for, once again, making so many dreams come true and doing it in such a classy way. I'm in awe. :worship:

Don't forget Glenn's excellent production crew, folks! The whole event ruled! :headbang:
Glenn, I'd just like to personally thank you for bringing Manticora to the US. Getting to meet those guys and thank them in person for sending me their T-shirt as a get-well gift while I was going thru Chemotherapy earlier this year was the reason I came to PP. And after experiencing the whole package that is PP, I'm hooked! Thanks for everything Glenn! You're an amazing guy to pull this all off.

So Glenn... when are you putting together your own band? LOL

We saw somebody carrying a chair to the soundboard. It was a big nice chair with armrests and padding and looked quite cozy. I figured it was King Glenn's throne! He should have a big red robe, a :headbang: METAL :headbang: crown and a sceptre and a cowbell!!!

As usual, I had a great time and have Glenn to thank for it. This festival keeps me sane for at least 8 months....until I start counting down the days for it to begin again. Thanks, Glenn, and get some well-deserved rest.

Lord Glenn had his 'promoter's box' at center-stage in the camera pit (between the barricade and the stage), marked off with yellow caution tape, which was cool since it gave him a guaranteed spot in the oft-crowded pit. We could slip under the tape and go through it, but even during Therion's set, as sole sponsor, I figured I'd better not linger in there...since Glenn might have had snipers stationed in the catwalks. :D :D :D
My second Progpower was as kick ass as last year. Everything is done perfectly. I even thought the steps had a little more light on them than last year. Thanks to Harvester, crew, sponsors for a great weekend. I'll be working on Therion's catalog now.
A special thanks to Roamer for coming through on a ticket sale for me. I let the show sellout like an idiot, then did some hard sweating as the weekend approached. Roamer saved me. Thanx buddy and take care of yourself when you leave for the service.
Thanks so much Glenn..... I have been every year but the first and you always to a stand up job...along with the staff. I attend other fests and yours is by far the best run fest I have ever came across..... hope we have many more.
Killerpuppies said:
Quite simply, the best Festival this country has to offer, bar none.

Excellent job, wonderful crew, awesome bands, and great fans. Nothing better anywhere around. :headbang:

Da Head Pup

Yep, I think I'll go with that. Even though I haven't been to others, just on the venue and efficient way it's run I'm sure it's the best in the United States. ;)