The Official Glenn Harveston Thank You Thread!


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Mar 29, 2003
What a frickin' awesome 4 day part ProgPower VI was!!! Thanks go to Glenn and his crew for once again showing that Americans can do something right when it comes to this genre! I know we all say how great a guy Glenn is but let me tell you guys and girls something from the heart. This man went above and beyond in my life when he could have not. He has a ton of integrity and character and I hope you all had a chance to shake this mans hand to say thank you. Heres to you Glenn to another job well done!

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longshot9 said:
/me bows in appreciation.

You rule Glenn, thank you so much.

I didn't even go to the festival, but I know that what Glenn does is absolutely amazing!! I know I could never pull it off, and most people probably couldn't. It takes a combination of great communcation skills, top notch business skills, and a passion and drive that not too many people have. The amazing part of it is, I can't remember hearing about anything that's really gone wrong and that's almost unheard of when dealing with this amount of pressure year after year. I never doubted Glenn though. After attending the first couple of Progpowers, I knew he was something special, and next year I'll finally be a part of it again :).

I can't wait to read the post-progpower reports :)

Thank you Glenn, this is my 2nd Prog Power and I have to say this is one quality festival, I know what you and the crew must have gone through to get this up and running and all I want to say is Cheers, and Thank You very Much!!
Don't know Glenn personally, but need to say a big thank you, for bringing Conception on the bill. Something i thought was NEVER possible in my lifetime and it happened and unbelievably, IN THE US, and on top of that 4 hours away from where i live.
That was my first Prog-Power and I can say now that I will not go back. Hands down, best show I've ever attended, best run show I've ever attended, at the best venue I've ever been to. Glenn, thank you and thank the crew for giving us the best show in the US, possibly the world.
Cheers to Glenn for putting on a great festival. Geers to Glenn for Glenn not singing along to Hunting High And Low with me when I was trying to get him to.
Great job Glenn!!! Regardless of if you liked the bands or not, Glenn didn't pick a single band that put on a poor performance, and beyond that, the festival was 100% smooth and efficient. Hats off! :D