The what's going on in Thrash thread

Here's a recent interview with the XENTRIX frontmant. At 11:00 he says some good things about Testament and Chuck:!

Let's hope this reunion they have now lasts.

On a sad note, ANACRUSIS have taken an "indefinite break" from any band activities. That's disappointing, I thought they were doing good. At least you can still download all their albums off their website: For those that don't know them, the first 2 are classic, simple thrashers, but the next 2 (Manic Impressions and Screams & Whispers) contain some very original and innovative stuff. Not quite as unique or complex as Coroner's Mental Vortex or Grin, but there are some similarities. Their frontman lists Testament among his favourite bands on Facebook too. I guess it must feel nice to be praised by such talented musicians from all around the world.

Yeah, its good to see Flotz in form and with a new albums. They deserve some success.
That is too bad about Anacrusis.I was looking forward to hearing what they would come up with.I read that LeatherWolf is going to be coming out with a live album.
I'm surprised none of you are talking about 4 Arm since they toured with Testament. This band is my favorite new find. Great 80s style thrash.

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Not sure if this interview was posted here or in another thread but if you haven't heard it, I encourage you to give it a listen. Really cool discussion with Gene Hoglan.

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Havok kick some serious ass. I'm gonna buy their new EP and some other material. You all should check them out. Hopefully Testament take these guys out on tour in the near future.

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Wow the rhythm and the bass really remind me of Overkill.It's pretty good,I'm not sure I could take the singer all the time though.Cool drummer.
Not a thrash band but they have influenced so many bands:

Black Sabbath
24 August 2013
The Gorge Amphitheater
George, WA

Tix go on sale 13 April 2013
Darren Minter has left Heathen again. Filling in for him on their European tour is ... Jon Dette. BTW, I've just realized that Heathen is probably the thrash band with the biggest number of deceased ex-members (Mike Jastremski, Sam Kress, Paul Baloff, David Wayne, Randy Laird), although some of them (in particular the singers) have been there for a short stint only. Anyway, I really hope they start working on a new album soon.

In other news, Kenn Nardi has released a new song: Sounds interesting.

Oh, and the Death Angel album is pretty much recorded. Can't wait for this one.
This sounds very cool. I kinda stopped following them after The Haunted Made Me Do It (I've only listened to a coupe songs off One Kill Wonder I think), when the old Thrash bands started to get back together. This happened to more "substitute" type of bands for me (Arch Enemy, Darkane, Soilwork). Good to know Marco's back. I heard Per Jensen left the band, though. Now that I've got my Thrash back, I guess I'll have to give those bands another listen and see if they're good for what they are.
Death Angel's new album is coming out 10/15


Hatriot is also recording their second album soon
I really liked the first Haunted album a lot.I think I like The two albums with Marco even better.I think One Kill Wonder is even a step up from The Haunted Made Me Do It.They just kind of took it further IMO.I liked Revolver too when Dolving came back.It was kind of punkish/Hardcore sounding but with musicianship.After that The band went to absolute shit to me.And I'm glad Dolving is gone.