This must be the most active forum ever :)

Probably because Opeth kicks ass, and the people who listen to them do too. They all have open minds with appreciate for almost all types of music that's worth listening to. It's great!
Yes, it's great to see a forum filled with people who love music and love dicussing it :) And who welcome other people's tastes as well! Weee!!
Although I would never call myself a "musician", I am trying to teach myself guitar and having some success, so...

(Amongst other stuff, I can play most of the acoustic parts of "Black Rose Immortal", they're not too hard, and it does feel so great to do...)

And, yeah, I don't usually go around posting stuff on messageboards, but come on, this is Opeth!
This is very true for me -- I played piano and studied theory really seriously, and Opeth is the ONLY band whose musicianship I truly respect.

That doesn't mean only my opinion on music counts -- I just think it takes a certain type of person to really appreciate Opeth. The type that listens to music as an activity, not just as background noise.

It's good and bad -- they've given me faith (for lack of a better word) in music, but they're ruined all other music for me! Argh! LOL