To automate or not to automate?


Mar 14, 2009
Hey Guys,
Working on my first project with clean vocals. I have a part where I have 5 vocal harmonies panned through the mix before all of the instruments jump back in.

The vox cut through the mix really well but when it's just guitars / bass / drums I feel like it's a little quiet. Should I be automating the mix louder around the vox or just leave it where it is?

Not sure if that will sound odd or correct.
I am not an expert but I think that if you think it sounds like a little quiet, try to adjust the volume a bit higher and then compare. Each one has his/her opinion on methods. Go with what sounds good to you. This is after all YOUR project. Not ours. Hope that is of help to you.
If it sounds like everything but one thing should be louder, then that one thing should probably be quieter. I'd automate your vocal levels. Clean vocals get more automation than anything else in my mixes for sure.
if it´s too loud then turn it down in this particular section. if it´s too low then turn it up.
what´s the problem? automating is not a crime. :)