To/Die/For - Epilogue


Not blessed, or merciful
Apr 11, 2001
Sarf Lundin, Innit
To/Die/For - Epilogue
Nuclear Blast - 2001
By jkh

To/Die/For hail from the incredibly healthy dark/gothic metal scene in Finland. It seems Finland has taken the lead as the current hotspot of quality emotional metal activity. Between Amorphis, Rapture, Charon, HIM, Entwine, Sentenced and To/Die/For - Finnish bands have gotten the metal community's attention.

Epilogue is the latest output from this gothic/pop/rock/metal outfit and without question their best effort yet. While previous To/Die/For recordings may have faded away with the rest of the mediocore gothic rock bands failing to capture the certain emotional and musical integrity needed to survive in this overcrowded genre, Epilogue shines. The music is catchy as fucking hell with hooks left and right - yet the music remains heavy and melodic. Fantastic guitar work on the entire album, including 80's sounding heavy metal solos appropriately placed (and never overused) and professional clean vocals sometimes reminding me of HIM's vocalist, or other times reminding me of Robert Smith of The Cure. The amazing vocal harmonies on nearly every song will send shivers down your spine.

The lyrics focus on dark romantic topics and the music compliments this theme wonderfully. My only complaint is that the lyrics aren't too entirely original. Writing about love and relationships in such a blunt manner is done enough (by fellow country men HIM and Entwined for example). While Epilogue is dark, it is alive with energy and very upbeat. This is an album to crank and rock out to, not just lay around and listen to (although that'd work as well). Keyboards are prominant on the entire album, as well as other "80s gothic rock" sounding electronic elements. While an initial listen may seem a bit cheesy, it is soon realized how WELL it works in the context of this album - and before you know it these dangerously catchy songs are demanding the volume to be turned up notch by notch.

If you are a fan of any gothic rock/metal bands out there, I demand that you give this album a chance. The songs are expertly written it and it seems like every single song is a hit. Perfect powerful METAL production doesn't hurt, either.

I could continue to praise various elements of this album, but I think you get the point. I wasn't a big fan of To/Die/For previously, but Epilogue is simply undeniable if one is in the mood for upbeat catchy gothic rock/metal. Try it and get hooked!