Today is OPETH day for me..


living, breathing
Apr 29, 2001
Solitary Refinement
Today Opeth will be playing down in Charlotte North Carolina, and it will be the first of two gigs I'll be attending (the other one being this Thursday in Winston-Salem). I'll make sure to bring my digital-camera and take loads of photos and put them up on the web ASAP. I'm sure this will rock..
How's it going forlorn? I don't know if you remember but I've chatted with you on Undernet IRC a few times. I haven't been there in forever. Especially ever since it was rumored to be going under (no pun intended) due to the hacking of X and W. I'll be at the Winston-Salem show as well. Maybe we can have a beer or 2 at the bar, if they have a bar... (Never been to Ziggys). All right man, take care. Have a good time at the Charlotte show.

Yeah of course I remember you man! Ziggy's is a great club, they take off the roof if it's nice weather, which is great considering it makes it non-smokey and breezy as the band plays. They have a bar, so we'll grab a beer..
Moving to another province, visiting doctors, ending a long-term relationship that also included living together all thanks to him for not being enough man to keep his pants on, getting a new job, burying my father and soon burying a dearest friend of mine. Thank you cancer.

What about you?