Taking photos at gigs

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Nov 2, 2002
THe OlWOZau Wha.e HUH?
I am going to see Opeth tonight and want to take photos with my digital camera that I bought especially for events like this..but I hear some people say that most bands don't like people taking photos and the security often removes people who do it.

Is this true? And do you know if Opeth are okay with it? Any recommendations you can give about taking photos at gigs would be helpful.
Well they didn't seem to mind one iota on Wednesday, and I don't think the security got tetchy either. It says on the back of my ticket "strictly NO PHOTOGRAPHY", but I think anyone who does take photos usually gets away with it...it's all to do with positioning yourself somewhere nice and hard to get to...

Anyway, check the back of your ticket, it should say something about the venue's policy on cameras. At the Mean Fiddler, they used to let you take photos for personal use, but they seem to have changed that... unless I just imagined it all... but anyway, just don't go waving big flashy lenses about and you should be fine.

Sorry for going on. I have nothing better to do. Hope it helped anyway.
I didn't have problems taking pictures at the In Flames concert... and the band didn't seem to mind either. Just keep you flash off (if it applies, don't want blind band members), and try to get close up, unless you have some sort of zoom function.
I don´t think you will have any problem because Opeth allows its fans taking photos. I took photos with a reflex camera in their deliverance tour in Gasteiz and also in bilbao 2 years ago.
The problem always is with promotors and managers, they fucked.
You should take the photos without flash, because the flash annoyed when you are on stage. with this i don´t want to say that you can´t take photos with flash but it´s better and with this you will leave aside problems.

After, put it on the forum or if you want i will put it on my page.

have a good concert