Today's great savings


I have the power
Apr 14, 2001
Brisbane, Australia
Went to JB today and they had a whole heap of cheap metal CDs for sale - like $10 cheap! Unfortunately, most of the stuff either didn't interest me or I had it already. I did, however, buy two CDs and they are:

Paradise Lost - "Host" (Japanese version). I haven't heard any of their stuff since "One Second" - wasn't too keen on their direction, even though I loved that album, and so wasn't rushing out to buy any more of their stuff. This was only $11.99 though!

Steel Prophet - "Messiah". I only have one album of theirs, and that's the awesomely funtastic "Dark Hallucinations". Been meaning to buy another one of their albums, and this one a) had their excellent cover of "Ides of March" opening the album, and b) only cost $8.99, so I didn't have to think for long before coughing up my hard-earned!

Ah, JB, you've done it again.
Yep, listening to the album at the moment... sounds very similar to Dark Hallucinations, though, and I don't think I'm a big fan of Rick Whatsisname. The singer.
i havent heard it but apparently Paradise Losts' 'Host' album was a major change in direction, meaning it was a bit of a commercial attempt.
Host is fuckin rockin, It's my favorite PL album, at first it sound s a bit shit,then you start singing along and you sing it,and sing it, then sing it some more.

and then you love it.