Top 10 Favorite Bands

Black Sabbath
Guns N Roses
Iron Maiden
Tom Petty
Neil Young.
Could only think of 8.
Top 12 :)

Iron Maiden
Guns n roses
Bruce Springsteen
Faith no more
Motley crue
Judas priest
Black Sabbath
1. Megadeth
Megadeth has always been in my top ten but thats before i listened to Killing is my business. In my opinion best album by Megadeth
2. Anthrax
Joey Belladona only
Just everything is so amazing by them(execpt grin) i own there whole discography (dont care for grin)
4.Dark Angel
Not one song i dont like by them.
Amazing vocalist
Just love everything
7. Venom
8. Sadus
9. Bonded by Blood
10. Warbringer
1. Sepultura
First album I heard from these guys was Chaos A.D. It's still my favorite album, but I love nearly everything Max Cavalera has released.

2. Soulfly
Not as good as the early Sepultura stuff, but Dark Ages and Conquer were good.

3. Balsagoth.
I've only listened to this group for the last three or four years but I enjoy just about everything they have done. I find myself comparing new bands and new cds to Balsagoth; few bands are more enjoyable to listen to.

I like everything about this band. Black to Blind and Revelations are my favorites.

5.Iced Earth
One of the first metal bands I saw in concert. Haven't listened to them nearly as much lately, but I still love Night of the Stormrider and Alive in Athens is one of my favorite live albums.

6. Megadeth
Peace Sells, Rust in Peace and The System Has Failed all get played regularly on my zune. I like the political/social commentary, but Mustaine's megalomania caused me to drop Megadeth down to 6.

7. Kreator
Saw them on the Enemy of God Tour with Vader and then last year with Exodus. Pleasure to Kill and Terrible Certainty are my favorites.

8. Strapping Young Lad
I really wish Devin Townsend was still making SYL albums and touring. The solo stuff is ok.

9. Fear Factory
Have moved on from these guys..their recent albums have been disappointing. Soul of a New Machine and Demanufacture are the only two I bother with anymore.

10.Children of Bodom
Hatecrew Deathroll is my favorite. I dig the guitar and keyboard solos.
no specific order:

Wolves in the Throne Room
Hate Forest
Spiral Architect
My Dying Bride
Swallow the Sun
1.Megadeth(best band ever in my opinion)
2.Slayer(intensity is the key here!)
3.Metallica(no need for explanation)
4.Fairyland(very symphonic and melodic)
5.Dragonland(same as above)
6.Infected Mushroom(Amazing Trance group)
7.Disturbed(great distorted vocals)
8.Korn(great combination of genres(Nu metal))
9.Power Quest(Melodic with frequent use of keyboards)
10.Slipknot(Interesting use of custom percussion)
1. Cannibal Corpse
2. Helloween
3. Megadeth
4. Bolt Thrower
5. Onslaught
6. Ensiferum
7. Napalm Death
8. Raubtier
9. Amon Amarth
10. Austrian Death Machine
Savatage and co. (Circle II Circle, Jon Oliva's Pain, Doctor Butcher, Transsiberian Orchestra, Chris Caffery's band)

Colosseum. Came across this band in the Bands Recommendations Forum, and quickly became a favourite of mine ... the music is so damn tasteful




Iron Maiden

Ancient Widom



This is hard...let's say that at the moment:

1. Iron Maiden
2. Black Sabbath
3. Judas Priest
4. Ensiferum
5. Gamma Ray
6. Bathory
7. Negura Bunget
8. Summoning
9. Opeth
10. Moonsorrow

Though, except my top 3, these change in time...
1. In Flames
2. Emperor
3. Opeth
4. Iced Earth
5. Dark Tranquillity
6. Metallica
7. Death
8. Dream Theater
9. Iron Maiden
10. Immortal

Very Basic I guess...But that is just a metal list I can go for a long time with all my favorite bands but I guess top ten would be something like that.

If I could switch bands in and out I would also put Megadeth, Symphony X, Agalloch, Darkest Hour, Into Eternity, Testament, Black Dahlia Murder, Anthrax, Slayer, Soilwork, Blind Guardian, Cradle of Filth.
1. Iron Maiden
2. Mastodon
3. Black Sabbath (Mostly Dio era but love Ozzy as well)
4. Megadeth
5. Testament
6. The Melvins
7. Isis
8. Cynic
9. High on Fire
10. Down