Your top 10 Favorite bands

I can't remember any kylie minogue songs. I know she has great tits and i'm glad she recovered from breast cancer.
I must clarify that my predominately hair band list was a joke (the inclusion of proto-death metallers Von is a dead give away), but i do love the hair. My real hair band top 10 (in no order):
1. Skid Row
2. Motley Crue
3. W.A.S.P.
4. Twisted Sister
5. Kix
6. Saigon Kick
7. Vinnie Vincent Invasion
8. Loudness
9. Dokken
10. Ratt
Some of these bands are too "metal" sounding to be true hair bands, but they all definitely had the image.
wow I think like 3 people have put metallica in their top 10 list

no respect for one of the pioneers on the genre??

then again doesn't seem like alot of thrash fans here - so it makes sense
1. Katatonia
2. Nevermore
3. Symphony X
4. My Dying Bride
5. Hypocrisy
6. Bloodbath
7. Akercocke
8. Emperor
9. Novembers Doom
10. Opeth
Metallica are not pioneers of anything and have sucked for 20+ years.
" and justice for all" is one of my favorite CD's off all time

I don't why, but I just love that album - nothing about is all that phenomenal - it's not all that technical (though it is pretty competent), not incredibly heavy, or fast, and production is bad

I guess it's due to the fact that it is so emotionally satisfying for me (songs like "and justice for all" "frayed ends of sanity")
1. Agalloch
2. Pain of Salvation
3. Belenos
4. dredg

... after that it is just bands becoming favorites or bands I really like alot. Primordial, in time, may hit number five or just move dredg down a slot.
Zrocker said:

#1 Deep Purple had given up seeing them in concert but actually won front row seats from the FOX how cool is that!!!

I've seen them 3 times in concert.

#2 Yes although my wife thinks they are my favorite. I've seen them 4 times in concert but I don't own all their stuff like I do with Deep Purple. Okay I don't have rapture of the Deep becasue I thought it was going to be a Christmass present and it wasn't.


#9 Jethro Tull

All good bands there.
1. King Crimson
2. Ulver
3. Van Der Graaf Generator
4. Peccatum
5. My Dying Bride
6. Neurosis
7. Cult Of Luna
8. Katatonia
9. Fields Of The Nephilim
10. Monolithe
byrne said:
@LS: October Tide is what sort of music? Never heard of them before ...

Melodic death/doom, they're probably the only band of this style I like. They're quite similar to Katatonia which isn't suprising since two of the three members are also members of Katatonia.
I'm surprised this thread wasn't closed for being redundant and useless, but here's a list of my favorite bands that doesn't stop until I feel content that I haven't missed anyone that I truly worship, which means it will be more than 10.

Judas Priest
Iron Maiden
Black Sabbath
Mercyful Fate
Celtic Frost
Manilla Road
Cirith Ungol
King Diamond
Reverend Bizarre
Saint Vitus
Sabbat (UK)
Sabbat (Jpn)
Holy Terror
At The Gates
Master's Hammer
Pagan Altar

I would say that that is about as accurate a top 30 list I could possibly construct.