Top 5 Favourite Opeth Songs

Too hard, really. But a reasonably accurate list would be like;

Ghost of Perdition
Lotus Eater
The Moor
Blackwater Park
Harlequin forest or A Fair Judgement, I just don't know.
in no particular order:

Blackwater Park
Ghost Of Perdition
The Drapefy Falls
The Lotus eater
dont know if i posted already but if so i'm redoing...

(In no order)

Hope Leaves,
Serenity Painted Death,
The Leper Affinity,
Masters Apprentices(tied with Deliverance),

5th spot is open to Bleak, BWP, or When depending on mood.
I hate Opeth.
Why even bother posting on this thread? Surely you have something better to do.

Anyway in no particular order (and this is hard choosing):
April Ethereal
Ghost of Perdition
Blackwater Park (the intro with the lead is just the best!!)
1. Wreath
2. Deliverance
3. Master's Apprentices
4. Windowpane
5. The Leper Affinity

I think I am very much settled on these five being my favorite Opeth songs.
I could be doing this for the third time on this thread, lol

if that's the case it'll be nice to see how much my tastes have changed.

In no order:

Heir Apparent
The Drapery Falls

Can't decide on the fifth.
The Night and the Silent Water
Ghost of Perdition
Serenity Painted Death
Baying of the Hounds
April Ethereal

Changes all the time. I will have to go with Black Rose Immortal as probably the best overall song. It's diversity is unmatched by any other song (duh). Advent is also right up there. Of course, Deliverance is in the top few but it's been punished.

In no particular order:

The Moor
Heir Apparent/Lotus Eater
When/Master's Apprentices
Sorry my friend but I often post on this forum and I'm a big fan of Opeth, I was just trying to show that these "top 5 songs" are getting pretty lame since all Opeth songs are good and no one even gives a shit about others' favorite songs. But it's OK.

This ^

I'd have to have a top 5 soft, top 5 heavy, top 5 for running, top 5 on my car stereo, top 5 live, etc :p

And of course, taste changes over time; e.g. TNATSW is great for me live right now because I've only seen it twice, but it'll wear off.