Various Artists - Uncorrupted Steel 2


Heat in 7
Apr 17, 2001
Southern California
Metal Blade - 2003

By Rodrigo Escandon


Uncorrupted Steel 2 is basically a greatest hits compilation of Metal Blade’s 2003 releases or upcoming releases. It is like having your own mix of just Metal Blade bands and you can decide if that is good or not. To me it is definitely not good since most of the songs on this album are from bands that I just totally do not like or really do not care for.

The albums stars of with “Amerika the Brutal” by Six Feet Under and it was just brutal listening to all 3 minutes of the latest drivel by Chris Barnes. Atrocious singing, crappy music and a horrible production is what you can look forward to in this song. “Contagion” from The Black Dahlia Murder did nothing to dispel my notion that I have no idea why this band is getting so much attention, they just sound like a second-tier melodic death metal band. “Falling Apart” by The Heavils was nauseating, “No Giving In” by 40 Grit was torturous as were “Losing Ground” (Engine), “Restoring the Ground” (Tourniquet), “Doorway to Survive” (Brainstorm) and “Damn that Money (DBX). It also was not very smart to put “Incarnation of Evil” (Dies Irae) and “Epitaph” (Vader) back to back since they are basically the same band and they sound identical, I would have only put the Vader song since they are just better. There is a live version of “Born in a Casket” by Cannibal Corpse but how many times can you really listen to a song by them without getting bored? For me its twice.

So far it has been nothing but negativity in this release and the few songs that are actually good are not enough to warrant listening to this release. For example I would rather listen to the entire new Amon Amarth and God Dethroned albums than just listen to one song of each (“Death in Fire” and “The Warcult” respectively).

The only positives in this release was listening to a demo version of a new Vehemence song “Kill for God” (which I just can’t wait for the new album) and having the opportunity to hear songs from As I Lay Dying and Beyond the Embrace which I have been meaning to do. But these are not nearly enough good reason to warrant the purchase of this release.

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