Vintersorg albums


Sep 17, 2001
[lower austria]
Hi there!

I got the newsletter from the Vintersorg mailing list in which it says that there's a Vintersorg forum hosted by . So I just visited UM...

Great to see, that there are Vintersorg fans even across the ocean! :)

Which albums do you have? I don't have any Otyg-albums but all Vintersorg's.
First time I got in touch with V. was when I bought Cosmic Genesis, I liked the cover artwork and especially the color *g* nice green, indeed...! *lol* (no good reason for buying a record, I know... *g* )

I was like stunned and amazed, cos this music was so..... different to the stuff I usually listen to, and I got more curious so I got me the other albums too.
At first I didn't like the older records that much (sound etc) but then they turned out to be even better in a certain way than Cosmic Genesis. CG is so ... hm... "grown up", it's not a bad record but after listening to it day&night for weeks, it shows so much ideas to think about (music, lyrics) that it starts getting a bit straining.
What would you say?
I don't have the Hedniskhjärtad album, since someone told me it was alot more metal than Ödemarkens son, which was the first album i listened to. Im not a big fan of CG either, although i cant say why.
Till Fjalls, and Odemarkens Son.

I *really* want Hednskhjartad. Cosmic Genesis can wait, IMO.
Winterfrost, do you play any instruments??? I have a feeling we could come up with a pretty cool side project band over the net if you do......Judging by your influences!
Hedniskhjärtad is SOOOOO great!! The sound is a bit thin since it was recorded in times when noone could produce such music in an appropriate way. But the voice and the music ARE THERE ALREADY!! And it is more Metal than Ödemarkens Son, indeed. I prefer Hedniskhjärtad.

Best song on ÖS is the first track "när alver sina runor sjungit" - I hope I wrote it correctly... (what does "sina" mean? I can figure out what the rest means but not this word :loco: )