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Apr 1, 2006
Hey Guys,

Thanks for everything at the Vortex show on Saturday. We always enjoy playing with you guys. Thanks, Jay, for the use of your kit. I gotta get some of those petals. Good stuff.

The Vortex looks like a cool place to play. Hopefully we are able to fill it out a bit more in the future. We are going to be trying to up our marketing effort. I hope the Vortex guys do too.

Anyway, great show. Let's do it again...and again.

The feeling is mutual. Ara'kus rocked!

BTW, I'm glad you added Susan to your roster. She sounded really good and the intro was awesome.

The Vortex has plenty of potential. I think it may even be my favorite venue that I have played in.

Also, for that other possible show that Randy mentioned setting up, if the third band he had in mind can't do it, I have some ideas.