War_blade has a message for all of you


rock n troll
Nov 27, 2005
Near Montreal City
Justin dit :
Yea these niggaz like me, haters want to fight me
Yea these niggaz mad cuz I came up over night B
Yea I switched it up I got 9 kuffed tightly
So you betta do the right thing like Spike Lee
Yep I'm superclean rock jeans wit a white tee
Niggaz round here soft but like niggaz want to bite me
If you had some figures you would be just like me
Niggaz talking bout yep in there muthafuckin throwback
It ain't real you know dats muhammadz where dey sold that
We stepping on these niggaz like a muthafuckin door mat
Call me the juice and you know Imma stunt
Ride in the car with some bump in the trunk
Tone in my lap and you know it's the pump
Breakin down the good weed rollin the blunt
is a dog one you do not trust
You leave your green around me
Nigga your green gonna get lit up
You leave your drink around me
Believe your drink gonna get drunk up
You leave your girl around me
And she bet she gonna get stuffed
Nikotiini said:
War Blade = Wigger

which is worse than a my pals, worse than white trash and worse that immigrant mexicans

:zombie: that is like... worse than Bush?