I got kicked out of a pub last night


The Post Master
Jul 3, 2003
Manchester, England, UK
I decided to go to a pub last night and was enjoying talking/socialising with all the other customers.

I found it quite funny to Infiltrate friendship groups and at one point I sat in a chair where a coat was but the chair wasn't reserved i.e it didn't have a reserved sticker on, so I decided to sit there. It was very funny when the man who put the coat on the chair discovered that I was sat there. He first said to me "You're sat on my seat" and when I explained to him that it wasn't his seat he tryed to pull me up out of my seat but I pulled him down. I then saw some sexy women and decided to go and speak to them and I dropped my wallet onto their feet, so I had to pick it up and as I was doing so I managed to touch their legs and feet. I also managed to get involved in a conversation about Football and I was commenting on certain players being shit but this pub is the place where some of those Footballers drink.

As I was looking for another group to interact with, I was stood still and then the manager came to me looking concerned and asked me what I was looking for and if I was ok. I responded by saying "None of your business", and then she disappeared but in a few minutes she came back and said "After that pint you're leaving, i'm not having you harassing my customers. You've got 5 minutes". It was only 20 : 30 so the doormen hadn't come on duty, so I carried on walking around and talking to people. Before the manager could tell me to leave, I quickly moved to another place. It was like a game of hide and seek with me being the winner. After 15 minutes I decided to leave because the place had CCTV.

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