Wednesdays bus excursion


The Post Master
Jul 3, 2003
Manchester, England, UK
I went on a really exciting bus excursion. The ride was so exciting I fell off my seat. It was like a rollercoaster ride with many roundabouts and fast accelerations. After the thrills had finished a gang of youths got on, one of which hadn't payed and the driver turned the engine off until someone payed. The passangers downstairs got very annoyed and one woman went upstairs and threatened them by saying "stop fucking around or you'll regret it, we all want to get home", the passanger got off and the bus started again. Where I was sat selfish passangers kept opening and closing the windows, after one woman had opened it, I slammed it shut a few minutes later. It scared her, she jumped up to which the woman sat next to me who wanted the window shut found rather amusing.