I had bricks thrown at me last night


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Jul 3, 2003
Manchester, England, UK
I was in a local park drinking cider with two friends and then a gang of youths came into the park demanding a cigarette. We wouldn't give them one, so they started shouting abuse over to us. I responded by shouting "be quiet" back to them.

They then started throwing stones and rocks at us. I was trying to get them to come and fight us, one of my friends was trying to calm them down and the other one was chasing after them. They then said "We'll be back in 5 minutes".

When they came back it was with a vengeance. They were now throwing bricks at us by running towards us, throwing the bricks and then running away.

As we were walking down the road, one got me on my leg and I fell down to the ground in a spectacular manner. The youths thought they had won until I got up and started chasing after them with one of my friends.

We then went in a pub for a rest. I managed to sneak some Fish and Chips into the pub but got thrown out after a short period of time.
I love your short stories, Profanity. So exciting, so full of action! And the way you put words together... Have you ever thought of being a writer?
PS. Despite all those stories only show what a loser you are :loco:
well, at my school the chav kids pull our hair and write 'long hair' on pictures of alexi and such. and one day it was a terrential storm so the chav kids threw water on us and expected to chase us, infact i had a detention tonight for beating a chav shit up...
yeah taht's probably why he said "If they tried that shit here"