Me and 2 other friends got beaten up outside a pub last week

I almoust got into a pub fight for the first time in my life some time ago. I was minding my own business with some friends and this one drunken skinhead came to me and started mocking my long hair and told he likes to beat up faggots who have long hair. I told him if you have a problem with it we can go outside to solve it but to my great disappointment he just chickened off. He was silent for a couple of seconds, said some shit like "just cut the hair man" and left for his table. I havent been in a fight since being a little kid and would like to test can I do any good anymore.
TheSeldomlaid said:
Just travel 2000km to your east.
Or visit Bradford they have millions. It beats my why they chose Bradford of all places they could of migrated to Barbados and made that place smell like Popodoms.
soon at my high school there is going to be a big brawl between my mates and all the my pals at my school its going to be FUN!!!
this is why i bring my chair with me everywhere i sit or go
-Gavin- said:
dunno what's funnier "...and two friends" being said by profanity or the fact that someone had enough of his bullshit and finally did what we all wish we could do.
Amen to that, brother. I was on my hands and knees praying for this the last 2 years
Norsemaiden said:
Martial arts is good advice


Profanity said:
Last sunday me and 2 friends(x and y) went out for a drink. X and Y both wanted to go into a pub but as we walked in we were abused and called names by this gang. I don't believe that gangs of thugs should get away with bullying innocent people, so me and X stood up to them and called them "f*cking bastards" while squaring up to them. Around that time Y got kicked out of the pub for being too drunk. X and Y left the pub and were followed. X tried running away but was chased, kicked, fell to the ground and was kicked while he was on the ground. Y got punched to the ground and had his hand stamped on several times. Then I came out of the pub and saw what was happening, I walked over to where they were kicking X ready to fight but before I knew it I was punched on the top of the head followed by a q1uick punch to the jaw. I lost my balance and fell to the ground, where I immediately got up but I didn't fancy my chances against such a hard gang so I put my hands up and retired.

I have posted this incident because I want a general discussion and share similar incidents which have happened to you and tell of how you have dealt with them. I also want some advice on how to fight and how to avoid those surprise punches. Thanks.


Dude, it's not a math problem. Just say the names.