I went to see Yngwie Malmsteen last night


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Jul 3, 2003
Manchester, England, UK
Although my concert was ruined because my friend wouldn't barge and I could hardly embarass him by barging myself, although I did manage to barge people while I was dancing around and annoyed one person who kept trying to push me awayt but I kept falling back into him and we did go to the front at the end and I did manage to do some barging.

When the show finished I desperately wanted a guitar pick. I barged my way into the front and tryed to attract the attention of the staff but they didn't do anything. I even tried climbing over the rail although I was sternely stopped by a member of staff. He tried to push me away but I was moving the other way. I then left and tried to get someone to sell me a pick for £10 but noone would.

so was this show worth seeing? he's playing here in 2 weeks and I don;t know wether I should go or not.
Yes, he's a very entertaining performer. I thought he was a magician during the concert, the way he swings his guitar round. He never lets the audience gets bored. One of the best concerts i've ever been to.
If I ever go to a show near Manchester and see you around Im gonna break your face

I had the chance to see him a while back, 2002 or 2003, i forget the year, but I decided not to in the end. A friend of mine went and said it was fantastic..
seen him twice, once solo, and once with his singer.

He just shreds through everything, but it's still entertaining.