Wasting Love Mix


United We Stand
Apr 16, 2001
West Palm Beach, FL
Ok kids.......I've been reading some posts sating that we're dead around here. I've been mixing like a maniac, as soon as I'm done with a few more mixes it's back to recording, so fear not!

So for those of you looking for something to do please go to my play and have a listen to the first mix of Wasting Love.

I had a hell of a time getting the gits to match up, volume wise. Edde's track varied in volume and dynamics. So please let me know what you guys think.

c'mon Rabs..i can take it:)

I'm on my way to get it. :)

I agree about my track, but I discovered some tricks I can use in the future to prevent those unevenesses.
Okay, I listened the song few times and here's what I came up with:

Right before the intro starts there's some unnecessary noise on my track,
that would be better muted. The noise on my track is quite disturbing,
I'll see if I can get rid of it with some tweaking. The levels seem to be
a bit high, I listened through headphones and there was some parts where
the drums sounded a bit distorted. Also, my track seems to be more 'on top'
than Crossy's, any chance to bring it down a bit?

I'm not sure if it was on my original track, but it seems to 'wave' a bit
during choruses. And also, my track sounds muddy, can you eq it a bit to
take the lower frequencies down and make it a bit brighter?

Other than that, it's great! Crossy's acoustic and Hydes bass blend
nicely together and the drums sound good. Crossy's distorted parts
sound also very good.

The weakest link for my ears is my own track, but...

Nice work! :)
maidenman: The mix sounds good, as far as levels etc...

The bad:
That noise on the guitar track. Maybe rolling of everything above 6K or so on the offending track would help?

The heavy guitars sound like they are out of tune in spots. I notice it mostly around 4:30 in.

My timing sync issue reared it's ugly head on my bass track, but I'm on time through most of the song so I can live with it. With my new soundcard I'm hoping I won't have that problem on future tracks.

Other than that I think the mix is good.:)
I made some tweaking with my track and it sounds a bit better now. Actually, the volume problems were worse than it seemed at the first place. Now that I finally got a decent sound editing program I managed to fix that volume mess.

I'll upload it to somewhere tonight.

Medsy: If no-one else responds before tonight (or tomorrow morning there ;)) I'll upload it for you to download somewhere. :)
I'd do it now, but my connection is damn slow and I've been online for hours already. :sad:
Sounds cool guys. I didn't get to hear the first mix.

I think maybe Eddy's guitar sounds a little fuzzy still. Im not a master EQer or anything.

Other than that.. umm where is the solo? Or is that getting added later?