Wasting Love Mix

I have some comments...take em or leave em...but just wanted to let them be known before you press it as final ;)

You may want to consider adding quite a bit of reverb to the entire track. Its rather dry. How you do it is unimportant. Guitars are dry, bass is dry.

Can you run hiss reduction in soundforge on the worst offenders? I am not sure which ones the are..but you can hear it cut on and off everywhere. Mute parts that are not actively playing to help cut it down in silent parts (most notable on 2nd verse acoustic playing).

..finally..on a note not related to recording..is there any reason why you guys double up the main guitar line and not harmonize it like the original? There is one point where it breaks into a harmony..and then it goes back to both doing same thing.
Shite! It seems that I've missed few posts here! :eek:

Rabs: Hmm...Can't really say anything...
I just played it like it wasn't played on Crossy's original ref track, and as I recorded my part against new mix of Crossy's both guitars I didn''t really pay too much attenttion to it.. :eek:

Okay, I'll go to the corner now.
oh shhhhhhhhhhhiitt!
I just DL the track I sung and its wayyy off!!:mad:
My computer was fucked so reformmated my HD...No programs were responding so I had to use ntracks to convert and the timings fucked :confused: MM I hope you can slice and dice my voc track to make it fit!
when I sang it and listened back, it sound fine but now damn it!!!:mad: