Tropical Storm/Bordumb/Updates


United We Stand
Apr 16, 2001
West Palm Beach, FL
Ello Kids!
Due to the really shitty weather( see above tropical storm) I'm stuck home today, so I figured it'd be a good time to inquire on the following:

MURDERS: Rabs, great test mix man, I love the sound. I'll let you take the mix on this since you've already got a good start

CHILDREN Any luck with git tracks Meds and Ad? I know your busy I'm just anxious to get this one nailed out. Ad: I hope your felling better pal:)

WASTING LOVE all the parts are done arnt they? Rabs this is your mix too right?

I really wanna get started on some new songs so lets give a good push and take care of these.

oh........on a different note. Anybody get the new Priest album yet? I dig it. It's not as crazy as Jugulator but I think it's bad ass

i love you all!
Murders: I'm mixing. Waiting on Adde's rhythms...still practicing leads.

Children: Have nuttin to do with that.

Wasting Love: I do? I am missing Eddy's guitar....or was that sent? I'm thinking I may not have the time to mix this one. You wanna take it over MM? I've been rather busy of late.

Now..some questions for you!

I Want Out - What's going down here?

Number of the Beast - we just waiting on crossy? Or are you already mixing. I know I still owe you a solo track.

Reach Out - Hyde and I would love a drum track just so we can start working out how to play this song.

Completely my luck, when I finally get something done no-one even notices it...:rolleyes:


I've had some problems with myplay so I upped my Wasting Love track to somewhere else. The link and instructions should be found in the appropriate thread. :)
Wasting Love ok no prob I'll get on this on right away. Edde......I'm sorry man I totally missed your link. I'm getting it now and I'll begin the mix:)

Number of the Beast ...If you wanna mix this one cool, if not I'll go for it too, just let me know. Yeah we are still waiting on a track from Crossy

I want out Backing vox. I guess I'll do them, post them and try to get every one to do a track over mine. Like a gang chous thing. I have 7th ass kickin vox already. I'll post the backing bit this weekend......So every one get ready:)

Reach out fear not Rabs..I'm all over this one:)..stay tunned
You can mix beast. No problem. Just wanted to make sure you were not waiting my solo only.

..let me know if you need any tracks for Wasting Love. I'm stepping down on that one. I'm still keen on the challenge of mixing acoustic/electric..but I'm afraid I have little enough time to even get my recording done..
MM: no problemo, mate! I just want to hear some opinions about the sound... I'm not completely sure if the sound is good enough, so all criticism is welcome! :)

Oh btw, I remember you wanted some chorus stuff for I Want Out, I have my mike ready and waiting, so just say the word and I'll do whatever you want for IWO. :)

And while I'm on the subject, if Crossy doesn't have anything against it, I could do a solo track for Wasting Love too...
Crossy, this one's on you dude. Just say the word and I'll do it or I won't do it.
Maidenman...heh heh. I think I have it. I didn't know there were two. I posted the one I had up on myplay. It pretty much sounds like one of your newer tracks

Eddy: I listened to your track - man...I flat out missed that one as well. I too worry a bit about the noise prevalent in the track..but perhaps the mixer (MM) can reduce in the mix. Should sound pretty cool!
Rabs.......YES!! your the man, thats the one. I was thinking I'd have to re record

Edde. Yep, I got it and it sounds damn good. I had to play with it a bit cause the volume seemed to flux a bit but I think I got a good mix between you and Crossy. Over all though you had a nice thick sound.
I'm not sure why there's that bloody noise on my track, I tried everything to get rid of it (Shutting down the monitor etc.).

Now that I think of it, it may be caused by the fact that I had the multi-effect too close to the computer, which is without it's case...
Or the cord between the comp and fx is shit.

I'll try to fix it.

Now only problem with the sound is that I'm not completely sure about the fx settings I used... :lol:
Gotta write them down somewhere. :D