What are you listening to today?

SYMPHONY X - Without You which I've listened to quite a shitload of times. My confusion as to why the band hasn't changed their name aside, I find this particular song to be really good. It's especially great to hear Russell singing again! Plus the keyboards are mostly audible, comparatively to Nevermore at least.

I'm into some AOR as well, which is probably why it strikes my fancy. The comments for the video, however, are mostly love and hate (most of them are fucking retarded).

Great song, very polarizing but hey, I like it. :D

Insomnium - Shadows of the Dying Sun
-The Primeval Dark- is the shit!
-While We Sleep- is such a captivating powerful epic song. Not always big on music videos, but this track is one helluva vid! So glad I revisited this Cd ...good stuff!
INSOMNIUM - While We Sleep (OFFICIAL VIDEO): http://youtu.be/vBZ5SLJmfdw
Stratovarius - Shine in the Dark
I think it's good. A lot of people will think it's a lost Cain's Offering song, and the dance noises from the keyboards will probably piss a lot of people off, but I like. There's also Lost Without a Trace but I didn't really care for it much.
I think the drums sound a little odd in a way, "over-compressed" maybe?
Evergrey - Hymns for the Broken (this might be the finest prog metal album out in the last year - no offense to the Pyra-boys).

Side Note: WHO HAS SEEN EVERGREY IS TOURING WITH VOYAGER AND Borealis????????????? HOLY FUCK!!!!!!! Korruption - you better be all over this gig!

WHHHHHHAAAAATTTT?!!!! Voyager is one of my favorite new prog bands and Borealis... on my god. Thanks for the heads up!!!
I think this album is way fucking better than The Industrialist and even Mechanize, they took a few more chances here (or as much as FF can be expected to take at least), and it's much more consistent - no hugely surprising departures here, it's still Fear Factory. Great heavy and especially melodic moments found throughout. The album closes off really well with two memorable songs -- minus the title track remix between them, ugh. Both Expiration Date and Enhanced Reality (digipak bonus) are excellent, and the latter is practically an AoTW type of song.

The last album I listened to before this was Ex-Symphony - Underworld... I liked Without You, To Hell and Back, and Swan Song... and that's pretty much it. Although I thought I was enjoying it with the first ~8 playthroughs, I just can't get into the album, really, and it got quite a few chances afterwards. I think they should sack Jens Bogren cause his mixing just makes the album sound flat, and yes I know that Romeo's a fucking guitar wizard - but I don't need to constantly be reminded of it by said mix emphasizing them so highly.
Sup Pyrawarriors!
... in a heavy prog mood (as usual).

Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic: Calling.
this really is one fucking amazing CD!
So I'm not a fan of Kamelot at all, never will be, and I've lost interest in Seventh Wonder. Nonetheless I'm listening to the music video for Insomnia. I see the excessive use of "like a" in the lyrics habit hasn't been kicked, and the video is queer as fuck but I do dig the song itself.

Notice I said 'listening to' and not watching, I couldn't stomach it past the first chorus. :err:
I also lost interest in Seventh Wonder after Mercy Falls (and honestly I don't think they'll ever be able to top that masterpiece).

But right now I'm listening AND watching SOILWORK - Live in the Heart of Helsinki.

I have to say that after being a massive Soilwork fan since I first heard "Grand Failure Anthem" about 15 years ago on a Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles magazine Knuckle Trax sampler, its truly awesome to see how big Soilwork has become and how far they've come. There were a few points mid career where it seemed like they jumped the shark and sold out going more pop-esque and Bjorn's vocals changed from the rough early era gruff "I gargle with gravel" to an almost entirely clean style of singing.

But with the release of The Living Infinite and subsequently Beyond the Infinite and now The Ride Majestic, the band seems to be rediscovering their roots and returning slowly to the sound the band was built on in Chainheart Machine and A Predator's Portrait (possibly the two best albums ever made in their genre). I just wish they'd rediscover the sound and tone that those two albums had. Definitely worth checking out if you havent already.
I'll likely pick up The Ride Majestic next time I hit up HMV. Sadly I only started with Natural Born Chaos; having been a Devin Townsend fan back then and hearing that he produced and sang guest vocals on that one was pretty good marketing, I say!

I'm currently listening to "The Arcane Order - Exo Reign" which isn't too bad I guess... But I don't think this album comes anywhere near any song on "In the Wake of Collisions," I guess the keyboards are what added that extra hook to the songs and atmosphere that the band is known for, so it's a shame that they've been buried on this album by comparison. Nothing on the entire album stands out to me at all. However I don't think anyone else who listens to the band will be disappointed much if at all.