What are you listening to today?


So I've recently discovered these guys from Gothenburg (by way of Greece). I love these guys. They technically fall into the melodic death metal category, but are much more melodic (especially on their first album, Sweet Vengeance). Formed out of the ashes of Exhumation, founder & guitarist Marios Iliopoulos recruited death vocalist Thomas Lindberg (At The Gates), fellow Greek guitarist Gus G. (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne, Gus G.) and Per M. Jensen (The Haunted, Invocator) and clean vocalist Tom S. Englund (Evergrey).

Since the release of Sweet Vengeance in 2000, the band has released Descent Into Chaos, A New Disease Is Born, Wearing A Martyr's Crown, Vengeance Decending (remastered 2 disc digi-pak of the first two albums), and most recently Insidious.

The band has seen several lineup changes, including the departure of Thomas Lindberg and the first bit of (compositional) work from John K. since Biomechanical's Cannibalized in 2008. Despite the lineup changes (that seem to rival those of Iced Earth (lol), the band has remained constant and has not faltered (unlike Iced Earth a la The Glorious Burden, Framing Armageddon, The Crucible of Man) thanks to Marios never changing vision for the band.

I'd HIGHLY recommend starting out discovering this amazing band with Sweet Vengenace, followed by Insidious, Wearing A Martyr's Crown, A New Disease is born and finally Decent into Chaos.

Nightrage on Metal Archives - http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Nightrage/4431
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Things are getting heavy up in hurr! :D

I'm listening to some new promos from The Arcane Order, and as to be expected, they're still kicking ass and raping nuns! Still very atmospheric, and Kasper Thomsen's psychotic vocals sound even more insane! Check this out: http://thearcaneorder.bandcamp.com/

Looking forward as FUCK to their new album!!

In slightly unrelated news (seeing as Kasper has left), Raunchy's about to start recording their next album with their new vocalist, Mike Semesky. I don't know if they'll have him doing harsh vocals while Jeppe handles the clean vocals as has been the case in Kasper's days, or if they'll have him do some cleans himself. He obliterates at both!
Hey Burnt thanks man! Think this is the first ive heard of Nightrage...will definitely be looking into them more.

Dont ask me how i found this but kind of diggin it. Hagalaz Runedance- female vocals with tribal folk themes. For nites sitting by the fire sipping some Ale and star gazing lol...
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So you guys should know I'm a huge Sabaton fan, and thanks to their newest release, Heroes, I've discovered yet another amazing band courtesy of Sabaton's cover of the song Out of Control by the Finnish band Battle Beast.

Battle Beast has only been around a very short time and have only two albums out there: Steel and more recently (2013) the self titled, Battle Beast.

Now they're a female fronted band, and with the exception of Arch Enemy I have not always been a fan of females singing metal. It just doesnt sound metal enough with a girl singing it in my opinion. However Battle Beast's newest vocalist is incredible.

Noora Louhimo is a 25 year old BOMBSHELL (yeaaaah......my dick's in a sling lol), who has the vocal prowess of Rob Halford, Blackie Lawless, Joan Jett and Ann Wilson.

Alot of her vocals scream W.A.S.P. and good ol' Blackie and the influence is very obvious in both her vocal style and the covers of Sleeping in the Fire and I Wanna Be Somebody.

Musically, the band is all over the metal board - Operatic, thrash, 80's, power metal, speed metal, hair metal.....but in the end I can't get enough of the self titled album (its the only album Noora has sung on so far and their first vocalist I don't care for). In particular the songs Out of Control, Let it Roar, Neuromancer (outro is CRAZY), In the Heart of Danger, Out in the Streets and Black Ninja are the stand outs for me.

Check her (and them) out below!

(vocal audio starts a bit shitty but clears up by the second verse)

and if you're digging them, here's their whole set from the Sabaton Cruise
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It was metal as all fuck! :headbang: :yell:




Hello, this is korruption's therapist. I wish to extend my apologies, as my patient has not been feeling particularly well lately.
*looks up at his previous posts and facepalms*

DragonForce - The Game just dropped out of nowhere on me while I was watching Stratovarius' Unbreakable video. Therefore I'll just put this here:



I've listened to it a few times and it sounds like Marc is really stepping up.

...And is it just me or do they (still) have one of the most fucking retarded fan bases in the world (based on some of the comments which I chose to punish myself by reading)?
Did you already hear the new song from Urban breed? The band is called Project Arcadia actually.

It's an awesome song and the whole album is just as good, some songs even better. :)
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I've recently rediscovered my passion for Scandinavian melodic death metal with Insomnium and Amon Amarth jumping to the top of the pile. While I've been a fan of Insomnium since In the Halls of Awaiting, I was so stretched out over the amount of music I own that I wasn't able to give them their due. One for Sorrow was outstanding and I am eagerly awaiting Shadows of a Dying Sun.

And a side note: Arch Enemy - War Eternal - I'm eagerly awaiting this record featuring new lead singer Alissa White-Gluz from Montreal based The Agonist. The first single, War Eternal is pretty good!


Hey Burnt,

this year I also got driven into some melodic death metal. You also might check out Be'lakor (Abeyance, Venator, Countless Skies, Fraught,...). They often have some longer songs, but somehow they never get boring to me. I also checked out Insomnium, but for some reason I don't like the clean vocals. Strange, as I usually I hate the growls, but here it's the other way round.

War Eternal is an awesome song. Avalanche and some other songs from that album are pretty good too. But throughout the whole album the vocals have a bit too less variety (though they already have much more than their prior singer) for my taste. I wish they would include some clean vocals as well, though not the usual verse = growling and chorus = clean, that's what everyone does and it's often quite boring. We'll see if that happens, because I hear most Arch Enemy fans prefer them with growling only.

Apart from that I can recommend the new Project Arcadia album with Urban breed on vocals (see my prior post). The whole album is amazing and it's hard to pick a favorite, but this song is in the top 5 I guess. :)

Allen/Lande - Come Dream with Me just started playing on my list so that one I guess.

Honestly, I don't think Jorn sounds very good on this album. All those cigarettes have seriously caught up to him. :(
Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods

I've been watching a lot of Vikings lately and this album fits that show so damn well!

^This and the Show..(if youre meaning Vikings on History) are both f'in the nuts! Think i like the show tbh a bit more however lol.
Amon Amarth - We Shall Destroy: http://youtu.be/SGHPCuqjuWY
:headbang: cheers mate!

Back to my as of late prog-gasm..lil Pagans Mind. "Supremacy Our Kind" and "New World Order" are borderline unfair.
I like Tesseract, but I've been digging the new NIGHTRAGE album, Puritan, featuring Ronnie Nyman on vocals. I fucking love Nightrage. Sweet Vengeance, Wearing a Martyrs Crown and Insidious are legendary fucking albums and most people have never even heard of the band! Check them the fuck out. NOW. Here.

For those of you familiar with them, maybe you've been living under a god damn rock and havent heard these dudes have dropped another album on the unsuspecting masses!

Here's the first two singles from "The Puritan" out now on Despotz Records and a lyric video for Desperate Vows.


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Besides listening to various TYR and Amon Amarth and any samples that I can possibly find of new Pyramaze...

also been listening to...Tesla's - Bust A Nut

Quietly the best goods from the classic rockers imo. If anyone's looking for a change of pace, something different...this is the shit. Varies from acoustic moments, bluesy rock and most appealing some very hard-driving heavy duo-guitars. Glad I broke this one out cause I forgot how enjoyable it is.

intro doesn't kick in til bout the :25
Tesla - The Gate: http://youtu.be/lk6ZiOJaGZg

Tesla - Solution: http://youtu.be/gNagoMAlWDA