what are you reading?

Neuromancer cyberpunk novel

It's good to read into a dark universe, a nice book if you like sci-fi novels! I'm also excited to read whole!
what i'm reading
Reading is my main past-time. I also listen to metal.
Currently reading Richard Russo - Empire Falls.
Won a Pulitzer, but I like Bridge of Sighs better.
Hey, I'm reading The Invisible Man right now. Oddly enough, I love to read and simply admire people who have the talent to write such works. And as soon as I need to write an essay or term paper, I immediately look for a cheap assignment writing service , because I never learned how to write beautifully
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I just finished reading an advance copy of the Maddie Day mystery Murder In A Cape Cottage.
A bit late to the party; but Shadow and Claw by Gene Wolfe. One of the best Sci-fi books ever written. Been also making my way through Scott Pilgrim again.