What are your thoughts on the new Black Label Society cd?


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Mar 15, 2002
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Hey metalheads! the new BLS cd ( 1919 Eternal ) has been out in stores for almost two weeks now, has anyone here heard it?And what are your thoughts on it? I bought it the day after it came out and it kicks ass, Zakk is an unbelievable guitar player and each song on the record is a must hear song. On a scale of 1 to 10, it's a 10+ (as Zakk would say).
I've been trying to get it for a while now! Record stores where I live blow ass! One store said they'd order it for me but I haven't heard from them yet! I saw BLS live and they totally kicked my ass! I got one of Zack's guitar picks! On that same scale of 1-10, Zack gets my vote for a 20! I can't wait till this years Ozzfest I'm gonna get to see him play with BLS then with Ozzy! That will be sweet!!!
From what I hear, and this is off the buzz from the BLS forum, that Zakk only get's to play about 25 min.worth of stuff with BLS. POD on the other hand gets 45 min. There was a whole lot of bitching and carrying on at the BLS forum bout this topic and I dont want to go into it agian but..Zakk should get more time than just 25 min. to go out there and kick some ass. He has earned that much, What' his face from pod ( peice of dookie ) prbably cant even play one of zakk's solos off the new album. :D :)
Yeah I know that we'll see Zakk up there with Ozzy and that is always a good show,however I kinna like to just see Zakk taking charge instead of the Ozzman. But nothin against ozzy he is a great perfomer, even though he is old enough to be my grandfather, which kinna kicks ass..
I thought the new BLACK LABEL SOCIETY album was kinda weak. A few good tunes, but Zakk can do so much better, IMO.
Well I haven't had a chance to go out and buy any of Zakk's older stuff, I have heard other songs that I had to download to get, but everyone knows that Zakk is like number 4 in the world of guitar players..
1. Kerry King-Slayer
2. Jeff Hanneman-Slayer
3. Kirk Hammett-Metallica
4. Alexander Kuoppala-COB
5. Alexi "WildChild" Laiho-COB
6. Dimebag Darrell-Pantera
7. Randy Rhoads-Ozzy
8. Zakk Wylde-BLS and Ozzy
9. Both In Flames Guitarists
10. Marty Friedman-Megadeth

These are truely the BEST guitarists!