What do you listen to when you party?

When i party it is whatever is on at the club hahaha.

On the way to getting drunk its usually some lady gaga or calvin harris, something that reminds me of being wasted as fuck and gets me pumped to get destroyed.
With my band buddies it's stuff like God Among Insects, Vomitory, Sanctification, Bloodbath etc or whatever band anyone happens to be into atm.

With everyone else I just let everyone else choose, with the occassional GnR and Skid Row.
lotsa slam death metal, haha.

i'm usually having something along the lines of this going at random:
nickelback (if there's a lighter crowd so to say)
dying fetus
abominable putridity
waking the cadaver
begging for incest
agony and scream

yeah, something like that....
i remember good times, for example having one guy sit on a revolving chair right in front of my garage, spinning him clockwise, and 5-7 other guys/girls doing slam-dance / circle pit around him, while having waking the cadaver - chased through the woods by a rapist cranked all the way up. must have looked funny for our neighbours hehe.
I'm also a big fan of Municipal Waste whilst trying to smash beers...

M83 and The Knife (certain songs of each) both put me in a good mood because of memories associated. Used to listen to alot of Despised Icon whilst road tripping down to the capital of my home state to get pissed too.

Oh....... THIN LIZZY!.... Angel Witch too sometimes..

Fuck, lots of stuff haha..
Really depends on where we're partying...

anything from At the Gates -> Pantera -> Parkway -> Hardcore (Rave) -> DnB

I'm not fussy if theres decent booze on the go and people to banter with so it really depends on which club/whose house we're at...
Manowar (drinking game)
Dream Evil (you'd be surprised how quick everyone is to yell "The Book of Heavy METAL!!!! ... AHHHH!!"

metal to the bone .. no hip-hop here
Bit o Acca dacca, Daft Punk, mstrkrft, justice, Alterbridge/creed, gaga, kesia, black eyed peas, Chemical brothers, and Garth "the hitman, motherfucking" Brooks ah pretty much any upbeat pop, house, hiphop, rock will do for partying as long as i dont have to listen to blast beats and cokkie monster im golden that or regge which i fucking despise
suffocation, origin, morbid angel, stc, decrepit birth
anything with teh slamz generally
I got kicked out of a party at college for changing the lame dance/trance/bullshit/etc... they had playing to Anaal Nathrakh. The owner of the house somehow knew it was me (I'm the only "metal" looking kid around the party). And told me that my friends and I should leave his party.

As I used the bathroom on the way out I peed in his handsoap.