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May 11, 2001
Los Angeles
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What are some other bands that you, the Opeth disciples, listen to or have even heard of. Not just Metal bands, but bands in general. You see, I live in Los Angeles, where Rap is king. Out here, it's hard enough just to find Rock, let alone the fact that I'm about the only person that I've ever met who has even heard of "Edge of Sanity". My friend, Greg, introduced me to Opeth, and other than him, I've had to make CD copies to introduce everyone else to it. LA sucks, and I'm trying to find out about more bands. I've heard of Cradle of Filth, Morbid Angel, and Katatonia, and I want to learn about more bands. Please help a kid in need.
I suggest the following bands:
-My dying Bride
-Ancient Rites
-Shape of Despair
-In Flames
-Orphaned Land
and many more
I hope you will find them in your record store!!! Cheers
A few of my favorites:

Less "extreme" compared to Opeth:
-Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (rock)
-The Sisters of Mercy (rock)
-Theatre of Tragedy (gothic metal)
-The Sins of Thy Beloved (gothic metal)
-Tristania (gothic metal)

More "extreme" compared to Opeth:
-Darkthrone (traditional black metal)
-Dimmu Borgir (symphonic black metal)
-Old Man's Child (symphonic black metal)
I just felt the need to jump in here and defend Los Angeles, personally I love this area and can't really seee myself ever living anywhere else. If you can't find good music here, then you either dont know where to look or just arent looking hard enough. Not a flame or anything, just my two cents
I think this thread was covered a few weeks ago but oh well off the top of my head.....

Vintersorg, Havayoth, Borknagar, Ulver, Tenhi, Nevermore, Empyrium, Anathema, Amorphis, Dissection, Sentenced, Maiden, The Gathering, Teatre of Tragedy, Tristania, Twin Obscenity, Gandalf, Ebony Tears, Einherjer, Dark Tranquility, Cynic, Bathory, Amon Amarth...etc.
Opeth is really one of the only metal bands I listen to anymore.

For metal, I like

Old Man's Child
Morbid Angel
Ebony Tears
OLD Metallica

NON Metal (this might be a bit weird..)

Tom Waits
Nick Cave
A Perfect Circle
Massive Attack
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets (Hoser, you're from Vancouver, you know these guys?)

..and really, anything. It's easier to say that I don't generally like rap, or opera, or ANY "pop" music. Be it the chili-peppers-riff-stealers (crazytown) or any of the sluts. And all that new pop-punk, what's with that? Anyway, before I get SOMEONE mad, I'll end this.. later.
judas priest (gotta have the classics)
carnal forge
terror 2000
nocturnal rites
the forsaken
at the gates
in thy dreams
my dying bride
em simfonia
paradise lost
the crown
dark tranquillity
darkest hour
dimension zero
any thing by devin townsend
hate eternal
novembers doom
the haunted
limbonic art
dark funeral
dimmu borgir (the new one is really good)

and i could go on for a really long time
you're aren't looking hard enough.
Actually, this topic is covered routinely every couple of weeks, but that's okay. "Darkest of the Hillside Thickets"... mmmmnope. Never heard of 'em, dude, although I'm going to have to look them up now... ANYWAYS! My list...

Devin Townsend (Ocean Machine, Infinity, Strapping Young Lad, Physicist, Terria)
Dan Swano (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Unicorn, Bloodbath, Odyssey)
Frank Zappa

are sort of the "cornerstones" of my musical tastes. Other music I'll listen to from time to time includes (let's try alphabetically again)...

Amorphis, Anathema, Arch Enemy, At the Gates, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Brave/Arise from Thorns, Children of Bodom, Dark Tranquility, Miles Davis, Nick Drake, Dream Theater, Emperor, Empyrium, Estatic Fear, Gardenian, Jimi Hendrix, Hypocrisy, Immortal, In Flames, Katatonia, Led Zeppelin, Matthew Good Band (from Coquitlam, specifically), Nevermore, Nightwish, NIN, Pain, Pink Floyd, Slayer, STP, Therion, Tiamat, Ulver, The Who...

Just starting to listen to Vintersorg and Borknagar... wish to hear more Cynic (only heard one track)... occaisionally some old Temptations and Simon and Garfunkel songs... a little Wierd Al if I'm in the right mood...

and, of course, Thales, Soul Forlorn, Daylight Dies, Dumah, Wars of Winter...

They're kinda nerdy surf-punk, I guess. They sing mostly about Cthulhu, and all related H.P. Lovecraft things.. comedic, yes, but I find 'em really catchy (and not in a bad way..)
Opeth, Iron Maiden, Nevermore, King Diamond, Dissection, The Crown, Mercyful Fate, The Haunted, At The Gates, Slayer, Borknagar, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Dimmu Borgir, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Vintersorg, Anathema, Katatonia... and so on.

This year I have also started to listen to alot of punk. The band to "blame" is the almighty Dropkick Murphys. I´m kind of a beginner in the punk music, but it´s always interesting to explore new music. Apart from Dropkick Murphys I also enjoy Dead Kennedys, Ramones, Voice Of A Generation, Bombshell Rocks, Cock Sparrer, Dia Psalma, Sterbers, Ebba Grön etc.
Opeth, My Dying Bride, Morgion, Novembers Doom, Rain Fell Within, Autumn Tears, Iron Maiden, Fates Warning, Chris Poland, Rush, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vintersorg, Borknagar, Dimmu Borgir, Agalloch, The Gathering, Dark Tranquility, Nightwish, Amorphis, In Flames, Dream Theater, Iced Earth, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, old Slayer, old Megadeth, old Metallica, Bruce Dickinson, Type O Negative, Tool, Primus, Pink Floyd, various classical, Tony Macalpine, Michael Manring, Dio, King Diamond, Moonspell, Paradise Lost, ... that's off the top of my head.

Be sure to check out mp3.com. There are a lot of very talented, unreleased bands on there, including myself.


How's it going dude! Raven777 = Greg, if you didn't figure it out already.

These people have given you awesome suggestions, and pointed you closer to the metal light. Something I like to do is go to www.chedsey.com and explore the bands there - that's how Vlad and me got into all this cool underground stuff last year.

Of course, you could also always check out that list I gave you... that is, if you didn't lose it!!!
I now have a featured music recommendation column on this site called Songs To Watch, which will give you an indication to what I have been listening to lately. I came to Opeth from a slightly different background, being a huge fan of progressive and power metal. But I have been getting heavily into more extreme genres, especially melodic death, doom, and the atmopsheric side of black metal, and that is also reflected there.