what ever happened to Forbidden?


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Feb 12, 2005
Philly Burbs
Forbidden! Without doubt one of the BEST thrash bands EVER! I know that some of the member had some other projects (Slayer, Testament) but what ever happened to the band? They were so fucking awesome and they just faded away. It's so hard to even find their CD's anywhere.
Well their first two albums were awesome....

Last I saw of them was opening for SODOM and KREATOR in 97 in Germany...they only played a short set with far too little classics...killer guitar players though!

Bostaph now plays for EXODUS....I don;t think Russ Anderson is still musically active though...

The last time I saw them at was at Thrash of the Titans.....and Remember Forbidden EVil?????? Twist into Form was there best CD!!!!!

I saw Craig at the Jerry Cantrell saw i went to last year.....
They were talking about doing something....
DeFiance is also getting back together .......
To me, Forbidden Evil just pisses all over Twisted to Form along with pretty much everything else hahaha!

Hmm, Forbidden took four years to put out Distortion which was an ok album in it's own right but about nothing like the Forbidden of old. I know the band did 68 shows in 66 days at some point in support for Distortion or Green. Green was pretty poor... like, Fear Factory or something.

I've never checked out anything that Russ, Craig or Matt did but Glen Alvelais' band LD/50 seemed kinda nu-metalish...

Hmm, shame really, the first album was GID!
Yeah forbidden evil was pure genius. I fucking love that CD. Their set on the Ultimate Revenge 2 tape (Philly represent!) was awesome.