What Gets You Mad?


Papa Opeth
May 19, 2001
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For Me:

The world we live in today

Seems to be getting too complicated - too many worries and fears - too fast - too much information to absorb

Why can't we all just sit down, crack open a beer (or any other beverage of your choice), roll a fatty, and relax
dont blame thw world - blame mankind and his destructive nature. I mean, nature, is the sourse of all life, and yet, mankind keep abusing it like nothing.
the other thing really piss me off is that I cant do nothing about it.
I hate being late for things. Makes me feel irresponsible. I also hate when people aren't appreciative of your feelings or actions, especially when they're 100% geared toward their happiness ;)

Bah, I'm just lame though. :D
i hate people who don't give a shit about the enviroment and just ruin the nature
(like geogre w. bush :mad: :mad: )

i hate to lose arguments about marijuana legalizition, espacially because i'm right! i'm just really bad at explaining myself so i always lose at those arguments...:cry: :cry: :cry:
Originally posted by Black Heart
umm look
i'm not saying that it's alright to kill them
but when someone is attacking you, you have to defend yourseld right?
that is what we do....
and they are using it to make us look bad in front of the world.
and it's fucking make's me mad!!!:mad:

got it?

Perhaps a genocide is in order. They'll never be able to make you look bad again.
Originally posted by Black Heart
oh damnit
u just don't get do u?
they come here, killing innocent people and we shouldn't do something about it?
maybe we should let them kill us all!!!!
i know that negotiation is the best way, but we can't do anything while they are killing our citizens and soldiers....we need to stop them from keep doing it....and believe me that if u lived here u woul feel the same way as i am....we live in fear, we can't go almost everywhere, they come to clubs, malls, buses,
what the hell do u expect us to do for god sayke???
everyday someone gets killed, i'm so so so so tired of it.
i can't explain this very good here, i tried my best.
i hope u understand....

I tell you what, I'll write a Middle East peace accord if you pay my rent.
Freaky coincidence... my Grandma's name was Edith, and she's from Saskatoon. That wierds me out...

I've gotten myself in the middle of this Israeli/Palestinian debate before, and, well, I'll do it again. (I'm going to sort of look at this from a chronological perspective as I understand and interpret it - if there are innaccuracies, biases, or it comes off as condensending, I apologize, feel free to correct me)

I feel the creation of the state of Israel by the United Nations was a mistake. With the strength of Zionism fueled by the outrage of the holocaust, the notion of Jewish reoccupation of Jerusalem and the area anciently known as Israel was at it's strongest.

The Jewish people have been fucked over by everyone for pretty much of history - no other demographic has been screwed over so much for so long for no reason, and I feel strongly about that and empathize strongly with that. However, like Affirmative Action, I believe that you can't "make up" for historical injustice by tipping the scales the other way... and after World War II, when the predominantly Christian allied nations (the descendants of the people guilty of attacking the Jewish for the past 2 millennia - if you look at history, most events that had weapons in the hands of Christians resulted in Jews dead "just because"...) were feeling their most sympathetic for the Jewish people (again, following history's greatest disgrace to humanity - the ends of Hitler's scapegoat-prejudice hatred), the idea of turning the "holy land" back over to the Jewish people was appealing.

HOWEVER! That area was occupied (yes, also by a lot of Jews who had emigrated there, but,) mostly by Arabs - the nation of Palestine. The U.N. then came in and said "Yeah, your country? Well, it's theirs now" and present-day Israel was formed. Then, the americans and others provided Israel with all of the military technology it would need to defend itself, and of course, end up expanding their territory even more. So, the Palestinians are sorta pissed off and I can understand their perspective. They got wronged in the U.N.'s little trip of imposing the consequences of their own guilt upon others, and they want their country back.

Does this condone terrorist acts on Israeli citizens? Of course not. But they have to fight for their homeland and they can't take on the entire U.N., so outlashes at Israel are, well, quite expected, in my observation. Can they take their land back? No, I don't forsee that ever really happening, and they have to wake up and realize that, just like Israel has to wake up and understand that the Palestinians really have a right to be pissed. The situation has been clouded and buried under so many instances, issues, circumstances, mistakes, propaganda, and just general SHIT for the past 40+ years. Can both sides ever just stop, and see it from the perspective of the other? The bottom line is that they're going to have to live together and make the best if it. Of course it's not that easy, but goddamn... something has to give here.
What usually angers me the fastest is political correctness mixed with hypocrisy... when people are forced to dance around subjects using phoney language that keeps those issues nicely out of view, and when art is attacked for prejudice when the censorship itself is, in fact, the only prejudice present, because some ways of saying what people really think is simply "bad", no questions asked.

Also, anything that attempts to think for me, or keep me "safe" from my reasoning and thoughts, or the truth.

Originally posted by HoserHellspawn
Freaky coincidence... my Grandma's name was Edith, and she's from Saskatoon. That wierds me out...

I agree with most of your post. The problem started really when a piece of land was stripped of its inhabitants and given to the Jews. Whatever historical reasons and feelings there were there after WWII, do not justify taking Arab land and putting the people in refugee camps.

Therefore, the Arabs have a right to be pissed off.

Confronting unarmed demonstrators with an army doesn't seem right to me either.

And the fact that my tax $$$ are used to keep the Israeli regime in place pisses me off.
Just a bit about this israel palestina thing.

What makes me mad is hearing about this day after day after day after day. 'It's all their fault', 'We're the only ones being treated bad', 'We have a just cause but they don't' blah blah blah. Horsehockey.

If they wanted to stop fighting they would have done so by now. I believe they will kill each other off, and if that means I won't have to hear another idiot on the news saying 'he killed my brother because i killed his father and it's so unfair to me' then all the better!

I couldn't care less and I'm sick of it.
religion mixed with territorial pissings mixed with heredity and ancestry mixed with ego mixed with religion -"my god" vs "your god"- mixed with territorial pissings mixed with ego mixed with war mixed with ego mixed with community mixed with self-interest mixed with bullets and bombs mixed with religion.

I definitely agree. I can care less about the silly things 2nd world people do, killing each other in the name of god, holy this and that, ancestry this and that. lol it's all self-love and masturbation- everyone's in on the orgy, a bunch of jews in a never-ending closed circle sucking each other's dicks and crotches, and a bunch of arabians sucking each other's dicks and crothes.

I only have sympathy for those (jewish or otherwise) who don't seek to justify any of what's been going on there, for either side, and who cry their hearts out everynight because they'd rather not be there involved in such primitive politics and self-loving beliefs.