What is 'Progressive' Death Metal today?


Mobius Stripper
Oct 4, 2007
Two decades ago we had bands such as Atheist, Death, Pestilence, Cynic and perhaps even Disincarnate, Demilich and maybe even Gorguts and Amorphis.

Some of these bands are still around or in a resurgence, but are they progressing the genre or even part of it? Is that even what Progressive music does?

Technical Death Metal sort of took over for the progressive side but has become it's own, non-progressive genre over the last number of years.

Are bands like Augery and Obscura the new progressive? Or maybe Ulcerate and Mitochondrian? Nader Sadek? Gigan?

Who would you say is progressing the genre or trying new things in an interesting and listenable way while retaining the central tenants of Death Metal?
Progressive death metal is ALL over the place these days so its hard to say. Obscura and Augery is for sure two bands who are doing something. Not that they are doing too much that have not been done before, but awsome they are.
Wait, I don't think Progressive Death Metal has anything to do with "progressing" the genre of Death Metal. I'm not sure if you are looking for new bands that play prog DM, or bands that are playing uncharted DM.
sounds like you want more Avant-Grade type bands that are more experimental and loosely follow genre guidelines than bands that are labeled into the progressive genre and sort of follow the main structure of the music.