Lesser known/obscure progressive Metal bands?


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Feb 8, 2006
Okay, so no matter how almost each of us hates what is most commonly referred to as Prog-Metal, it is likely that all of us listen to some of the bands that can be called that way.

I would not like to hear the same bands that many people hear of and probably already listen to. If you are aware of an obscure band that:

- uses non-rock instruments extensively(but heck, you can reach progressive results even with a normal line-up)
- complex, lush, progressing songs
- bizarre time-signature and unpredictable moments

I have been discovering a lot of such bands lately, more often with extreme metal influences, and also very often from Scandinavia and US(Norway comes to mind).

There are definitely progressive serious Metal bands that more people need to hear of. So spread the word around!

I'll start myself:

Ephel Duath

P.S. Plz don't insult people who post bands who they think are obscure enough, but most people here know. Just in case, someone might find it new, remember!
Zero Hour
Ved Buens Ende (they deserve a second mention)
Canvas Solaris
Dali's Dilemma
DISILLUSION (fucking awesome band)
Psychotic Waltz
Sieges Even
Sun Caged
Spastic Ink. It's even more technical than Watchtower, and that says something!
Scott Mosher is amazing. The music isn't overly technical, but it's a nice mix of some prog (like a heavier Rush) with some trance and new age.

Journey Into The Fourth Dimension is instrumental, but holy shit. The musicianship is jaw dropping.
Edge of Sanity crimson 2 is one of the most underrated progressive metal albums. It's pretty amazing how dan swano did everything except a few parts by quest musicians he knows and was influenced by. Edge of Sanity was not always prog so if you go check out unorthodox you might be disapointed if you hear that first because you could not find crimson 2 at the moment. Crimson is a great prog metal album also. Crimson is not progressive to the extent as the follow up. Dan Swano is a more skilled musician than the band it self so when he was able to do an album alone he really brought everything he could have never tried to the table.