What is the quietest high-gain amp?

Are you the guitar player of Clawfinger? Last summer at the "Walhalla Zomerfeesten" in the Netherlands i was part of the stagecrew and i had to help you with your stuff/gear (WOOO, i touched you guitars ... *faints, drooling, etc*).

I was looking for your amps/cabs everywhere and after a hour i gave up. Untill i saw the rack with the Axe-FX ... pretty self explanatory.

I tried to talk to you, but you were kinda busy. I really liked your live sound, i've never heard a Axe-FX live and it sounded good. A couple of questions, did you ever considered in-ear monitoring, do you run both the bass and the guitar with the same axe-fx, didn't you create your own IR?