What Mike Portnoy said about Opeth & Damnation...

It sounds like he was just giving basic genre examples off the top of his head. Lighten up.
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So who really cares what this fruity ass butt-rocker has to say about Opeth anyway? :err:

Hahaha! I love it, dude. I mean, Dream Theater are some damn talented musicians, and no mistake... but do I really care what some band with high pitched "eeeyaaaahhhh" vocals thinks about Opeth? Not really.

But I'm glad they get respect from all the other heavy-hitters.
I swear, this board has gone to hell. The man praised the album, what else do you want?

And I do hear Testament and Black Sabbath, not that some of you would know what those two bands sound like other than a song or two.

Grow up. If I was Akerfeldt I'd be ashamed of how some of you are reacting to this.
I thought even though Dream Theater is gong downhill that Mike Portnay is a good drummer or something...

At any rate, the man likes it. Good for him. Woopity-doo.

Despite Dream Theater's obvious downward spiral with 'Six Degrees' and a few previous albums, I don't see how anyone who intelligently listens to music would want to diss Portnoy. In my opinion, he's proven to be damn good at drumming.

And like a few other posters mentioned...He was praising the album, what the fuck more could you ask for?

Fuck it though, everyone's got their opinions...
I don't think anyone on this board would deny that Dream Theater is a great band. Personally, the only thing about them that turns me off are the vocals... just a bit too over the top for me. But every member of that band is incredibly skilled. No denying it.

It's a great compliment from one great band to another. I think it's great that he likes it so much. Lopez must be flattered.
Oh man, some guy says he likes it and everyone disses him for it. What a bunch of spackers. Anyway, Portnoy has always been into heavy music, and if he thinks it sounds like some bands then that's cool. It may not sound exactly like them, Opeth have their own style after all, but it can have similarities, just because you don't see it doesn't mean that someone else might.
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I swear, this board has gone to hell. The man praised the album, what else do you want?

....i want that instead of praise the music of others he made good music and not fake crap for idiot teenager metalheads...

i am tired of portnoy say this say that...

shut up and play...